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How to turn marriage into happy business?

the Family are a production cycle. The model of assembly shop sheds light on many problems of a family.

The husband is a head, the foreman, and duty regulations and functional duties and features are clear at once. The major task - providing a continuity of work of shop, it is responsible really for EVERYTHING!

The wife - the deputy chief, is responsible for ensuring internal activity of shop.

Parents who once were in the management have to be engaged in traditions of a family and transfer to their younger generation. Thus, ancestors are the past, and descendants - the future of a family.

And all became clear, nobody from anybody takes away anything, everyone keeps at a distance and tasks. The mother-in-law carries out the duties, honor to her and praise how you will do without it now? And she understands that she is necessary to you, she not behind a history board, besides the native family. Whether it to you will fray nerves? No, will not be.

You should think for all shop - such is a part of the host: to provide all with work, feeling and business to be necessary, in it the problem. Collect a family council, explain to the people model - and forward and from songs! We guarantee that in a year you will have no problems.

Children will understand the task, they have to succeed you: what problems with progress, what drug addiction, what two? They have a family business and the place in the future! It is continuity of generations in vital practice. For example, I never the daughter had

at school. And what to do to me there? To listen to an applause to my pedagogical, organizational talent or to tell what since five years we with it developed three years tactics - the strategic plan of its activity to its to thirty five? Or I do not see this pack of diplomas and why to brag of the child, envy superfluous to create? It is necessary to be silent: far away you will put - you will closer take. The main thing, she knows as why to do, eat sense and in study and work.

In the beginning, of course, people will have to be accustomed to new conditions, on it and about a year leaves. Squabbles, abuse and other arise in those families where nobody and anything knows also prospects any. And fish goes rotten by the head, here also think why established a family? What was offered? How directed? In what your duty of work with staff? You the leader, to you and cards in hands! And everything should study and it is constant as the shop grows and the everyday care and management is required. It is strange that to direct at work the people though somehow is able, and the family often at all in any way.

It is even more ridiculous to send children to study abroad: you actually leave them to the mercy of fate, they not to you will serve, and to England, the English childbirth, strangers, and nevertheless, will never become members of the English family - so, without sort without tribe. And they already and not your children, from one coast sailed, and not to stick to another, and it you made with own hands. Once they will understand it, and then do not count on indulgence. What you hope in the future for that they will be able to give you? Well unless so, on poverty, a piece of bread, all a filial duty. What help to come and make a helpless gesture supposedly if every chance is missed? It was necessary to think earlier, it is desirable before marriage.

Early marriages. He is not a captain and she is not a navigator, and ancestors do not know at all why they lived. We fed you, dressed - again reproaches a piece of bread. What to speak about, it is your duty! And we will feed and dress the children in due time, and to support you in old age - such is life. But allow to ask in what an essence of family business? How Chatsky to run in primak to arise? Humiliating! To create the from scratch to ikonkurirovat with large families? You will not collect bones, and from you, besides, ancestors, one hassle and reproaches.

Also there is a wish to wish to young people ideal option, as at me, for example. We incidentally got acquainted. On the intersection of two prospectuses there were two enterprises. From a window of an office of my future half windows of my laboratory are visible. During the lunchtime coffee with ice cream at the same time in the same cafe. But got acquainted when I was ready to head a family. To me was that it to offer, and it corresponded to the future labor qualities. Here both passion, and love, et cetera. And as to it not to love the captain how to refuse so tempting prospects how many to indulge in vain hopes?

And already much later it became clear that we were born in one year and month with a difference in four days, and it, as well as I, a double Taurus, that is it is capable of a labor feat. Besides, the blood type and a Rhesus factor are identical. Then, in policlinic, will ask group and the daughter`s Rhesus factor it, she with laughter will tell: you know, I reflected, and then burst out laughing what the daughter can have group if at us identical? Well and the fact that at both on twenty five percent of the Polish blood is absolutely thin.

And so, misters, we were brought up in at one time, we take of each other the hint, we have unified plans and methods of realization who to us the competitor? About what jealousy can there be a speech what hostess will throw the kitchen for the sake of a crane in the sky what gossips, when we are interested in the schedule of activity? Let and to you so will carry, wait for the ship, become captains and deserve the half.]