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What the village Khatyn is well-known for?

In the history of each people, each state are such periods which better would never occur. Sometimes they consist of thousands of small pieces, of many separate episodes striking with dreadful acts.

It would be more logical to assume that similar should be forgotten as soon as possible. But actually it not so. History should be remembered what it was, but at all not to forget. For this reason there is a memorial complex near the village of Khatyn, for edification of future generations. So for what nowadays not existing village in Belarus is notorious?

Everything began in the morning on March 22, 1943 when the guerrilla group attacked the German column and killed the officer, the Olympic champion of 1936. In revenge for it the punitive action was carried out by forces of the 118th battalion of security police. It is necessary to notice that the police entirely consisted from civilians : prisoners of war, deserters and locals from among sympathizers to the new mode.

All population of Khatyn, and is about 149 inhabitants - old men, women, children - turned out and drove to a collective-farm shed. Under barrels of automatic machines roused old men, did not spare even women with small and babies. Any adult could not remain unnoticed. Only children - to Volodya Yaskevich, his sister Sonya and Sasha Zhelobkovich - managed to disappear from surrounded the village politsayev. When all population of the village was in a shed, chasteners locked shed doors, imposed it with straw, poured gasoline and set fire. The wooden shed instantly lit up.

The human instinct of self-preservation drove people outside, and shed doors under pressure of tens of people did not sustain. The people captured by fire began to run out outside. Politsa coolly shot down those who escaped from a flame with submachine guns and machine guns. Not all 149 residents of the village from whom there were 75 children were killed in fire. After that chasteners started plunder of the village then it was completely destroyed.

Three inhabitants managed to survive in fiery hell. Victor Zhelobkovich could survive thanks to the of mother who covered the son with herself. It was under mother`s corpse until politsa did not leave the village. Anton Baranovsky was wounded in a leg, the wound was so awful that chasteners took him for the dead. The only adult who endured this horror was 56 - the summer rural smith Iosif Kaminsky. Its tragedy was even more bitter as at it on hands the son died, he was fatally wounded in a stomach and got severe burns.

It also formed the basis of a sculpture of the memorial " complex; Khatyn - Unsubdued person. It is the only sculpture in a memorial complex.

This memorial complex serves memory of hundreds of Belarusian villages that were destroyed during occupation. The decision on its construction was made in 1966. And in 1969, on the fifth of July, the complex was solemnly open. Such memorial complexes are the bleeding Earth body wounds urged to remember horrors of wars. To remember that it did not repeat again.]