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Whether there is a prophet in the fatherland?


As if who belonged to this especially not materialistic phenomenon.

I is not only about categories intuitive like the fact that everyone in a varying degree endured a presentiment of trouble or a find of a meeting or loss, how many about quite reasonable scientific forecasts.

But at everything thus to foresee that waits in half a century for such huge power what was ours which mind not to understand and in which it is only possible to trust, to unmistakably outline both a gait and terms - it is valid like a miracle.

And still one elderly person in 1957, that is on the fortieth year of socialism which won on the one sixth part of the planet, wrote that communistic experiment needed to last as much again and that it will come to the end of the century to the logical conclusion.

I the mechanism of collapse of the USSR was painted with it so precisely and consistently that is impossible for us, to witnesses of events of the last years of existence of the Union not to be surprised to the prediction accuracy which literally is embodied before our eyes.

You judge. There is a quote:

Experience was begun, experience continues. And experimenters claim that if do not disturb them, then approximately in forty years of peaceful existence they will really carry out paradise on the earth which they promised too forty years ago.

my opinion which developed in forty years of supervision and reflections is reduced to what not only is important for destinies of all mankind, but it is just necessary that the communistic experience which came so far was freely finished. firmly I cost

Ya for experience continuation. Great sufferings of the Russian people to it oblige

. To endure everything that is endured and not to achieve the objectives? All victims, so to nothing? there is no

, experience went too far...

Position of the Soviet power will be difficult if a minute of some weakening of the center any nationalities which entered into the Union are picked up by a tornado of overdue nationalism. All of them then will begin to cry out, calling heaven in witnesses that they demand only what was encouraged by the Soviet power when business did not concern her:

- Colonialists, from Ukraine! From the Crimea! From Georgia! From the Caucasus! From Kazakhstan! Uzbekistan! Tataria! Siberia!, colonialists, from all fourteen republics. We will leave you only the fifteenth republic, Russian

I do not know whether someone happened to meet more exact prediction of the mechanism of disintegration of the Soviet Union, without any mysticism and a hysterics, but objectively and it is perspicacious to confusion?

And it not a miracle, but a godsend, our luck that the Kiev resident, the Russian nobleman, the patriot Vasily Vitalyevich Shulgin was the seer on the equator dividing our life exactly in half.

He was born in Kiev on the first of January, 1878. The destiny prepared for it life long, bright, formidable. Kiev gymnasium and law department of the Kiev university, hobby for history, philosophy and, as a result, policy.

There was no resident who would not know, did not read at the end of the last century and in the first decades of our century of the " newspaper; Kiev resident : the editor of this popular and influential edition many years Vasily Vitalyevich consisted. Adherence to principles of views, sequence of living position, honor, advantage, own beliefs, depth of views on history and ways of development of the power - all these qualities got to the editor Shulgin respect of readers and were a core of its political activity.

Shulgin was the deputy of the State Duma, the leader of fraction. Also there is no memoirist, the historian who would ignore II, III, IV Dumas of performance of Shulgin according to activity.

It voluntarily with the deputy mandate went to field army in 1914 in the ensign`s rank that not only words, but also business as that was demanded by noble honor to rise in defense of the fatherland. Was one of recognized leaders of the Russian nationalists. And he together with A. I. Guchkov according to the decision of the Duma went on March 2, 1917 to Pskov to the emperor Nicholas II to hand the requirement about renunciation. Waited for renunciation in the tormented empire, it, appear, will solve the crisis, will save Russia. But...

But after spring the fall of 1917 came, there was a revolution against which possibility representatives of bourgeois parties in the State Duma so desperately fought. The launched civil war brought hunger, ruin, bloodshed, dishonor in creation and expansion of the white movement, Voluntary army, in collecting of forces for fight against the Bolshevism active part was taken also by Vasily Vitalyevich Shulgin.

He endured horror of red terror, destruction of everything together with all representatives of the thinking and believing part of the Russian nobility that made their life and life, it was in emigration with the only thing integral. wealth - Honour and love for the country. With 30 - x years lived in Yugoslavia. World War II which remade Europe nanovo made Shulgin the political prisoner.

He was 66 years old when in 1944 the Soviet security officers arrested him in the occupied Yugoslavia. Vasily Vitalyevich in Vladimir Prison till summer of 1956 served the sentence. And the let-out, not rehabilitated Shulgin was left to live in the same area, in the town of Gorokhovtsa.

Exactly here on the eightieth year of life he also wrote down the reflections about experience of the country of Councils, expecting its inevitable disintegration as natural completion of unfortunate experiment.

Vasily Shulgin died on February 15, 1976 and is buried in Vladimir.

is its century a service to fatherland, fight, suffering, but not defeat.

Surprising and worthy respect an example of how fanatics can rape, humiliate, force to the knees the huge country with hundreds of millions of population but not soil, not break one weak mortal: the formed, suffered much person who and under any circumstances and turns of destiny from a tribune of the State Duma to prison plank beds - has at any time the right to tell: I have honor, Shulgin!

The present is a vsevremennost ! - it is capacious and all-embracing Marina Tsvetaeva expressed relationship of the person, put him also time.

And therefore will not complicate to make the conclusion in this way: wise socially - the political prophet in the fatherland Shulgin was heard.

Acquaintance to it (even such fluent as it) for those who never met earlier his name, do not know its works and destiny, will be anyway reasonably useful and even instructive, attaching to a vsevremennost...]