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Who directed the project and a construction of the first-ever nuclear power plant?

are on January 11, 2008 100 years since the birth of the physicist, the engineer, the philosopher, the poet, the artist Dmitry Ivanovich Blokhintsev. We, students are physicists, studied according to the first-ever textbook of quantum mechanics written by Blokhintsev. The area of scientific interests of Dmitry Ivanovich was much wider: theoretical physics, physics of semiconductors, acoustics, optics, quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum theory of the field, nuclear and nuclear physics, theory of chain reactions and nuclear reactors, problems of the theory of elementary particles, methodology and philosophy of physics.

Dmitry Ivanovich had rare scientific intuition. In 1938, the whole 17 years prior to receiving the Nobel Prize by Willis Lamb for experimental detection of shift of levels of energy in atom of hydrogen, Blokhintsev predicted this phenomenon. In 1960 Blokhintsev noted need of new, thinner concept about matter forms in elementary particles. Today we know that three years the concept of quarks, and then gluons appeared later.

D. I. Blokhintsev`s contribution to the organization of domestic science is huge. On base scientifically - research laboratory in Obninsk which director since 1947 he was Blokhintsev created Fiziko - power institute where under its management the first-ever nuclear power plant which became operational in 1954 was designed and constructed. But being a physicist - the theorist not only on a position, and and on calling, Blokhintsev in 1956 left the child in Obninsk and became the director of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches (JINR) which is created in Dubna.

Graduate of physical faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University (1930), teacher, and later professor (1936), D. And. Blokhintsev during all life kept close ties with the Alma Mater. Together with Kurchatov, Petrovsky, Skobeltsyny, Vernov Blokhintsev became the founder of Office of nuclear physics at physical faculty of MSU. At university created and gave many fundamental theoretical courses among which there is a course of quantum mechanics which made a basis the first-ever (1944) university textbooks, sustained 22 editions in nine languages.

At all load Blokhintsev was interested in literature and painting, itself was an uncommon portraitist. His portraits of Louis de Broglie, R. Oppengeymer and other physicists are known not only in scientific community. And he did not consider it necessary to publish the verses. Several its poems published after death in the " magazine; Equipment - Youth No. 4 for 1980, pleased very many fans of poetry.

Blokhintsev was the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the member of a number of academies and scientific organizations of the world, its scientific and scientifically - organizational merits were noted by many government awards.

Dmitry Ivanovich Blokhintsev in Dubna died on January 27, 1979.]