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How all to be in time? Part 1

Time is quite long for those who use it; who works and who thinks, that expands its limits .

Is also other opinion: It is impossible to plan something as we know nothing about the future - remains to rely on destiny . Someone considers that in advance deliberate plan constrains freedom. But the aimlessness and inaction are not freedom, they do not lead to anything good. Like the Dragonfly from Krylov`s fable, people risks to be left with nothing once - there are no affairs, there are no fruits also.

The first question which can arise, - how many really we can make? The number of cases is defined by activity - at first intellectual, and then and active. Activity is defined by interests and desires. Than more USEFUL information is mastered by the person, than he is more not indifferent to life, people and world around. The person is capable not only to work itself, but also to organize others.

What put to consider necessary, useful, important?

If result POSITIVE, that is brings somebody benefit, - means, it was worth being engaged in this business. If there are no visible results or even on the contrary, there is a harm, - respectively, there was no need to waste time. Objectively analyzing the life, it is possible to find, what is the time leaves on different nonsenses, whims, experiences, formal or thoughtless execution of any business.

Some specially create for themselves the small world in which everything is simple and clear and what outside this world - us does not concern. The apartment, the room, a workplace, the habitual company can be this world. In it something occurs, there is the movement. Sometimes it seems that and life has to be such.

But if to look narrowly more attentively, everything goes as on a vicious circle. It seems, as others live in the same worlds, and they too about anybody do not care. But such stability temporarily. Sooner or later there are tasks which are not solved without an exit for a habitual framework. And if contact with outside world it is difficult, these tasks become problems. How to distribute affairs, especially if there is a lot of them also all important? Let`s say we want to plan a certain interval of time.

For this purpose it is necessary:

1) to write out all affairs which you plan and to estimate whether really to make it;

2) approximately to define, what is the time it will be required for each business;

3) to consider the possibility of group and compatibility of affairs that it is necessary for successful performance of affairs (tools, materials, conditions etc.) ;

4) who will participate in each business who will be able to help;

5) what business is more important what can be made first of all (right now);

6) to define sequence of performance of affairs.

Thus, at us the rational action plan turned out (in other words - reasonably reasonable, expedient). It is possible to plan as much as necessary, but the advantage will not be if not to execute what is planned. The Delay - the most reliable form of refusal (N. Parkinson).

To be continued]