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Why the prince Pyotr Bagration was unhappy in family life? Weighing

conjectures and gossips life of one of the best Russian commanders of the prince Pyotr Ivanovich Bagration is surrounded. Especially much they are connected with young years of the prince and his marriage.

In Russia XVIII - the first half of the 19th centuries military traditionally married late or remained bachelors. And the reasons for this purpose were. Wars went almost constantly, and at military as Okudzhava truly noticed, the century is not long and much lacked a state salary to provide a family. The same who risked to connect himself Gimeney`s bonds had to consider that long absences from the house do not contribute to family happiness at all.

Family life of Pyotr Bagration was doomed to failure from the very beginning. There is a legend that 18 - the summer beauty Ekaterina Skavronskaya in peak to the girlfriend decided to get to fall in love the hero of the Italian campaign the general - the major Bagration. Ekaterina achieved the, the gallant general was over head and ears in love, as they say. But the windy beauty could not assume that in her as she considered, an innocent joke the emperor will interfere.

Paul I sincerely considered that everything that he does, goes for the good. And to connect the loving hearts - that can be better. Whether the emperor guessed or well-wishers tried, but decided to do much good for the onboyevy general, except everything, Skavronskaya was his distant relative. To oppose to will of the emperor neither Ekaterina, nor her mother, the countess Lita, did not dare though they understood that party not from the best - except a big name and a state salary the prince behind soul had nothing.

In the presence of the emperor in church of the Gatchina palace the wedding which connected at will of the emperor of so different people took place on September 2, 1800. Lifestyle newly made princesses especially did not change - the same balls and secular entertainments, and for Bagration the new constant care - search of money which was not enough now eternally was added. Maintaining visibility of matrimonial life, young people lived together several years, but in 1805 there came the final dissonance, and Ekaterina went abroad, allegedly for treatment. For the princess Bagration (so she was called in Europe) new life in which the unenviable part of the supplier of finance was assigned to the husband began.

In Europe Ekaterina created a furor. The windy beauty shone in the capitals, the benefit in their Europe was enough. Were fond of it, it was envied, it was tried to be imitated. Her charm was not avoided even by the great Goethe writing about it: Wonderful complexion, alabaster skin, golden hair, mysterious expression of eyes - and, probably, it was not piitichesky exaggeration. We do not know whether Ekaterina remembered the husband who shone at this time too, but on fields of battles with Napoleon often, getting glory which reflected lights gave to the spouse new sides of appeal.

In intervals between fights the prince missed and wrote letters in which his favourite Katharine was interested only lines about a parcel of money. Why the prince did not want to get divorced, it is necessary only to guess. Bagration took rumors about adventures of the spouse painfully, but in every possible way protected her, remaining the true knight even in such juicy situation and often risking the career.

So, in 1808 awarded with the Order of St. Catherine of wives of the generals who caused a stir in war with Napoleon, but among them there was no princess Bagration. In St. Petersburg reasonably began to doubt in it honesty and fear of God as that was demanded by the statute of an award as well knew that the princess not especially cares for a long time for marital fidelity and honor of the husband. As a result scandal ran high, and the famous general was even going to resign, having considered that the serious offense is caused it, and his military valor is called into question. She should be awarded because she is my wife! - categorically the prince declared. The award which is due to it with the motto For love and the Fatherland Sent to Ekaterina.

It should be noted that, despite all frivolity, it brought to the Fatherland notable benefit. Until the spouse measured swords with Napoleonic marshals, it actively collected across Europe political (in fact prospecting) information, and her house in Vienna literally raged from anti-Napoleonic moods, infecting with them the Austrian society. Said that she finished the lover, the Austrian chancellor Metternikh, to agree to the entry of Austria in the anti-French coalition.

In 1812 the princess became a widow/widower. Borodino became the last battlefield for the glorified general who got a severe wound by a kernel in a leg. Pyotr Bagration in a manor of the friend prince B. A. Golitsyn in Sim`s village of the Vladimir province died on September 12. At a modest funeral from fighting colleagues of the general there was only a chief of a staff 2 - y Armies Emmanuel Seong - At which got wound practically along with Bagration and was treated nearby.

Ekaterina Bagration all war lived in Vienna, making the contribution to a victory. Then moved to Paris. Even having married the English general Caradoc, it kept a surname Bagration. However, this marriage was short.

The princess for 45 years endured the famous husband. Buried her in Venice. And today our compatriots, visiting graves of great figures of the Russian art Dyagilev and Stravinsky, sometimes come into a quiet corner of a cemetery where on the darkened marble slab the inscription Princesse Catherine Bagration reminding of the woman whose small portrait accompanied her husband even in the Borodino fight remained.]