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How to give business gifts?

Today the gift from a sign of attention was transformed to one of instruments of marketing. Gifts in business practice give as the souvenirs connected with events as advertisement carriers (a logo, a slogan and t. o), as product samples and for creation of the successful relations. And it is, probably, not the complete list.

Perhaps, a practical advice will become useful to you at achievement of goals.

HOW to PICK UP PERTINENT AND EVEN DESIRED GIFT. It is known that not the gift, but attention is expensive to

. But the desired gift is even more expensive. When important not just formally to make donation, look narrowly at desires and requirements.

Where to look for a desired gift?
Look at on the personality Poluchatelya. Perhaps, in clothes or accessories there are original objects. They can stand on a table or on the shelf. It speaks about addiction to original trifles. These trifles will also prompt character of a gift.

Listen , perhaps in conversations the Recipient tells about the hobbies and a hobby. Often desires do not express directly. And sound in modest reservations: Here if I could... . If the Recipient does not give signs, show an initiative. Initiate discussion. Discussion of different subjects where as it seems to you, interests Poluchatelya lie. Sooner or later he will tell about the desires.

Especially pay attention, to the stated preferences at joint visit of points of sale or exhibitions of such objects. Poluchatelya when he holds a desired Gift in hand is easier to hear the hidden wishes (or looks at it).

Example: Men do not like to go to shops with ladies. Especially in perfumery benches . And here if they look attentively, then will notice that ladies buy aroma not at once. They long choose and doubt. And it is chance to give a gift in so thin sphere as smells. Look and listen that your companion discusses with the consultant. And she will make a choice of a gift for you. It just will allow you to come and make a purchase, already without it. I always so do. And was not mistaken yet. Such way will be suitable also for the choice of the Gift to men.

Look at its workplace . Or, if there is opportunity, on personal housing. And also on furniture of salon of a car. Here it is possible to notice a set of useful trifles. The recipient can place on foregrounds those things and objects which considers important, prestigious and expensive to himself. Additions, accessories, registration to these objects can become the Gift. Example: the new frame will help to place a favourite photo in a visible place, having taken out it from - under glasses on a table. Look narrowly as there is a lot of at the recipient of things to which it is possible to add useful accessories.

Ask on hobbies, wishes, needs of the Recipient of those who are familiar with him . Make it most naturally and correctly. If you long time contact to an environment Poluchatelya, inquiries are not obligatory, it is enough to initiate usual talk on his hobbies and desires. And leaning on heard, to make the decision on the Gift.

Show an initiative. Offer the recipient the vision about the Gift. Tell how his requirements and desires from use of your Gift are in a new way realized. See in advance the place where the Recipient spends time. Perhaps, you reveal new requirement. Example: Oh, the big calendar will perfectly be placed here. Just opposite to a table. You will work and from time to time to consider landscapes.


Or the gift will tell everything? Of course, if the gift desired if you foreknew or was foreseen by desires and requirements Poluchatelya, the Gift will tell everything. But believe, the good story about a subject of donation can increase its importance several times. than to tell

of O?
About a gift. Directly about a donation subject. About its origin, history. Metaphorical and symbolical sense of separate parts of a gift and in general.

About an occasion in which there is a donation. And as it is connected with a donation subject. Why this day such gift.

And at last , about the personality Poluchatelya and as it is connected: Personality Poluchatelya, occasion of donation and Gift.

Where to take interesting information on the Gift?
In modern salons of gifts > selling assistants can tell the whole story about an unusual subject of donation. The Internet - an inexhaustible source. Here it is possible to look: history of emergence of different objects as they are connected with different historical events and persons. Right there it is possible to look at stories of festive dates concerning which usually give gifts. Symbols and value of details, objects, flowers, elements of ornament, smells.

At last you are given an opportunity to show the imagination , to connect the obtained information in a uniform beautiful Congratulation.

Example: Choosing a bouquet of flowers as a gift, I noticed unusual plants with orange flowers. Personally I like orange color, there is in it something cheerfully - vigorous. The gift was assumed to the beautiful vigorous girl. And here it becomes clear that flowers are called Strilitsium . And Recipient of a bouquet Sagittarius on a horoscope. Moreover the name is translated as paradise flower (it is not confident in reliability, I learned all this right there from the girl - a florodizayner). And I absolutely could not connect all this in pleasant history.


do not forget to take out it from packing. Do not push a package of objects where at all - nibud under a table Poluchatelya. If the Gift consists of group of objects, take out them in turn and, showing Poluchatelya, place before it.

Qualitatively prepared Donation will allow to gain the maximum effect of a business gift.

Of course, all technical councils will not replace sincere goodwill to Poluchatelya. Allow to wish you only pleasant minutes and useful gifts.]