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How quarreled Marcello Menstrojani and Suck Lauren? Amusing errata.

But typographical errors have no borders and authorities. The most published book in the world, the Bible, and that suffered. In 1631 there it was knurled that prayerful lyud attributed it to the Devil. Are ready? Stand: Commit adultery! . What?! Long-skirted, of course, took advantage of the opportunity, burned circulation, but 11 books nevertheless plundered. To see, for internal use. If meets, give up nafig work after Sotheby`s and to Brazil to commit adultery in white trousers on for the rest of the life. Because somewhere zanykana these books and chance are that to someone will get.

Not for nothing in Europe this neizzhivayemy opechatnichestvo is called devil of a typographical error . Even on a name of Napoleon hooves of a devil imprinted. Oops - on! By the way. Who knows, who was Napoleon the Second? On filling?

All right, relax. Nobody knows. Yes because there was no it! Attentively look back. You see an exclamation mark? Here so gracefully after the first Napoleon Napoleon III jumped out at once - the typesetter took 3 exclamation marks for the Roman three in a leaflet - the address to the people of France in honor of ascension on the nephew Napoleon`s throne. Here so baked Napoleon. Layers.

Yes that to us Napoleon import. At us the most human person klichtsya Ilyichyom. Madam Novodvorskaya clung to To Arguments and facts : a nightmare, great Lenin not so wrote, it is necessary through About! Not here - that was, the girl. Not for nothing they to both arguments, and facts! In the 19th year the typesetter tisnut Yo, and printed. And on sacred - hands off, did not begin to correct. All other Ilyichi that a rank is lower, including even Leonid Ilyich, now and prisno will go with About according to Novodvorskaya, and Ulyanova - Lenina and we will be through Yo.

On Ilyich who through Yo, in general were passed once again. Very dashingly walked. In 1947 a newspaper Young Collective farmer (to see, old collective farmers had the newspaper!) claimed that in 1920 V. I. Lenin was poured in the Bryansk woods ! I suspect from whom and whom it was poured: in the All-Russian list of typographical pearls there is an answer: Octobrists are young idlers! Well what else from the speculator of the international class could turn out!

And than convicts it is worse? / to Oleg Savandeev (Saratov, Russia, a white undershirt, red pants) gets penal for murder. Sat down. Having stayed 4 years on a krytka (ITK No. 9 of the Saratov region) takes with boredom in hand the... sentence. Decision of the Supreme Court, hukhra! And in it in black and white on behalf of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation it is cut down by a feather as the axe: to serve sentence to a sidelets to begin since 2031! Yes not to see a century of will! Ramsa confused Shnyri. It to a malyav to the lawyer. That on instances. It seems that the will loomed to the convict. For the present it on a zone, but already on a show off. And the muse of information on the hair dryer right there departed on boundless shkonka a krytok and transfers - all z / to attentively chorus is looked for by typographical errors. Keep now, typing pool of the Supreme Court. Thanks to a typographical error.

The typographical error not only decides destiny in advantage for Yes! but also predicts. To the king of Yukos Khodorkovsky (what was not enough for the man?) the socklet sends the agenda to be as a sidetel . What do we have? Sits. Advantage to treasury - Yukos is tidied up. Yes that Yukos. We have convenience even since the 17th century - the typesetter took figure 100 for fraction, and as a result we have percent (well, not money) - %. Sign. Khodorkovsky will stay (if is in time), and the sign with us is, was and will be!

About advantage of typographical errors you want? And popularity, and glory, and public relations? Well at least the same Saratov: tisnut article about the drummer - the long-distance truck driver with an inscription under the photo - did not perdet Hundred thousand kilometers! .

And the little girl received at an extract the reference - epikriz from hospital: The Patient arrived concerning the planned operation undergone successfully. The patient is written out in a satisfactory condition . Laughter and only.

Stalin ukhokhotatsya so over a typographical error of one that even forgot to put - to shoot the editor of the " newspaper; Truth in 1940: The red Army beat out [letters B and I are rearranged by places] belofinn! But here, as Melor Sturua, for " writes; mudy leader did not forget to put. And editors of the Makhachkala newspaper on 58. 10 for Sralin shot nafig. There were rumors, as Salin appeared, but I do not warrant for accuracy - documents were not found. Probably, managed to cut all circulation with guillotines.

(Probably, about it also is: eyes mad and Terekhova`s run, as from death, pro-race such on accruing, in Mirror great Tarkovsky. On a typographical error ran, the sufferer. Here so to make it as soon as Tarkovsky could! It is better, than he, about a typographical error could tell nobody. Where there to me, shame one).

And Ilyich who without Yo, punished nobody for ingenious secretary . The kind word and Lenchika it is pleasant. And as the Leningrad newspaper " was lucky; Change in 1970? It was largely just lucky with the reporting about a zoocorner. Business was so: under the photo of gophers - rabbits, not important what beast, gave the signature long-eared small animals having confused letters H and U in places. Circulation left all. By the way, too prepare white trousers if you come across a newspaper check.

Went on 58. 10 according to the circular journalists and editors of newspapers. Aha, three days not to sleep, three days to walk from - for several lines in the newspaper. On a tree felling. And though after an errata gave, but the answer was severe. At the tsar it began. Odessa rag boulevard Kopek it was closed after the second number when in the first number the metropolitan set up on the head to the sovereign a cow and in the second such errata appeared here: In the previous issue of our newspaper the annoying ochepyatka " vsratsya;.

That in our darling School of Life nothing occurred, I demonstrate on the Bible with ochepyatka that all following pearls are taken from official network sources and are only quotes. Also I cause fire on myself - edition does not bear responsibility. Fire, battery, fire, battalion! Gran - pl! Let`s roll:

The connected Trousers of America, verbal adverb obormot, came to a mutually remembrance, a rural glupinka, a pyatna_voditel, radio Maniac katamarazm, do not throw the companion into a bidet, achepryatka, not into soup a leg, Management of _utrenny Affairs, a fig of the 38th caliber, trupokhod (hike), Snedurochka, Kaka - oporoshok, hangovers in work, fish of hungry smoking, a rascally upiystvo, zhelezobaton, the Ministry of grief and information to climb to Butyrka, the scientific urkovoditel, to nablyuvat an interference, was born under the sign of shit that you will dare, will shake, the hamchistka, mimolt, the crack justifies the funds full of a barge of excrements, from height of a bird`s dung, a _trakhagenta, a blanket stebany silk, cut in down and a bang, love about the first vzblyad, the end - to a body a wreath, erektorat, gavnodushy, mastur on all hands, book buttocks, deduction and a lokhika, bezbrezhnevsky open spaces, SNGE, a myasorybka, cookies of a pollock, a kurvochka - a ryaba, from the ship on women, an exit from the perdeny car of the train, an oral office of the White House, How to zavoyebat the princess (the name of the movie), Marcello Menstrojani also Suck Lauren... and still sea and ocean in addition ridiculous these typographical errors. Oh, fight!

The reader and will not offend you these typographical errors - it is impossible to be attentive at any time as the rascal Pierri would tell.]