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As managers, or " work; Wait for the answer...

Are remembered, once long ago, in not computerized help yet, it was the most widespread message. Live help almost consigned to the past, and the socialist slogan, seemingly, still remained with us.

In recent years, - for example, in our city - there was a tendency: any who is employed is appointed no more no less … manager. As far as I am aware of this hierarchy, the manager - this average administrative link given a certain authority and an opportunity to accept though some decisions. At us the lowest link was just decided to be ignored and if there is an applicant even to the place of the secretary of office - that it at us is called the loud word office - the manager . For motivation - it is fine: the person feels « at once; stepped through the lowest boundary and with the head it is dipped into work. Until faces with same … managers of other company, from which it needs something.

The most common form of work at the majority of our not really large companies with other &ndash companies; it … not to answer the phone calls if you were lucky enough (or misfortune) already to phone to them once and to state the request, a wish or the offer on cooperation (necessary to emphasize). Especially in art not to answer not phone calls with already lit numbers succeed, of course, directors of the organizations, heads and even small bosses. And secretaries just will not begin to connect then you, explaining that there is no director on the place, he on holiday - feeling that in decretive even if it is the man. As for managers and higher chiefs of departments, and all of them will equally redirect you in anywhere - that is, to the director, which - such impression &ndash is made; is some phantom figure which, unless, is seen sometimes only by employees. It is necessary to appeal to managers again, but it turns out that all managers and even chiefs of the necessary departments working in the organization in actual fact appear no more than … secretaries. I will give everything to the director and if he approves … - here the most widespread among us form of business communication. It is asked: if you are a manager, for example, of advertizing department, and I handle concrete and quite simple sentence on which you are not able to give the independent answer, - what you do, in fact, at this position?

However if you managed to lasso one of managers of the &ndash company; it is already certain good luck. But there is other problem - at us almost anything not decides by … telephone negotiations. Most important council - at once to go into place . The most interesting that in a face nobody at us will refuse to you at once even if the offer not really interested them. Only will smile and render you all types of hospitality, it is oath promising to think, call and give the answer just tomorrow! Most often, nobody will call back to you. You go there again - and again same smile and confused explanations apropos improbable employment now absence of the director and suddenly arisen (well just yesterday!) financial problems . You leave the mountain of business cards with a request simply to answer: You agree to the offer or there are questions which we can discuss? but with the same result - a slogan: We will call tomorrow! Wait for the answer … Of course, it is necessary to call (if not to go) again to you.

We will leave alone phantoms - chiefs, but let at least their managers will learn to be responsible, at least, for the innocent promises and to resolve at least small organizational issues. And even if something interested them according to more advanced scenario: So far not. But if you offer also it - we will think all the same sacramental follows then: … then we will call back to you . Of course, now the speech not about very large deals and powerful (it is desirable international) the organizations. And it is quite clear that nobody wants to lose even ruble from any transaction. But if we want, for example, to support domestic producer - I will repeat whether it is even not important, in this case, the producer of goods or a predostavitel of the services - that about what unification of own national resource can there be a speech? Then let`s work with any who will offer more money - and it is not important from where it even if from the country of unloved neighbors in a geographical arrangement. And if to work... It is surprising, how at such approach to to the duties and remote » mode; the managements all bosses manage so successfully from the work also to have a rest. But if you have an urgent business - you can communicate with … manager. Or to become him. For this purpose, it appears, nothing is necessary, but only as Myunkhgauzen in the famous movie spoke: Smile, misters, smile!