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What do we know about trees - signs of a horoscope of druids? Elm.

After a fir in a horoscope of druids follow an elm. The sign of an elm preserves destiny of the people who were born in the period from January 12 to January 24 and from July 15 to July 25. The big, harmonous and beautiful elm will try to transfer to the wards own tranquility and steadiness. However, it will not prevent them to love ardently. On the contrary, fire which watch burns long, to the most diamond wedding and even after it.

Important line of all elms - observation. Likely thanks to it among given rise under a sign such famous writers and playwrights as Moliere, Stendhal, Edgar Poe.

The Slavic name of this tree the elm occurs from a verb to knit as the bast of this tree was flexible and it could be applied in this process the linguist M. Fasmer writes. V. I. Dahl in the well-known dictionary adds that he a tree stuck - one of the most flexible of which knittings, obodya, runners " are made;.

There is a lot of kinds of an elm, this whole family uniting about two tens types. The Latin name - Ulmus. Most of slender representatives of family do not differ in a giant stature, 20 meters for them almost a limit. But haughtily look at separate views of relatives and reach height to 40 meters.

Lives long enough, 200 - 400. Though of course you will not call such age record for trees. Unlike the predecessor on a fir horoscope, the elm dumps leaves for the winter. And in the spring, yet did not grow new head of hear blossoms small ordinary-looking florets which fruits, winged nutlets, ashkeys are carried by wind extensively.

Those types of an elm which grow in Central Asia are called karagach there ( ebony ) . In many places this only tree capable to get to itself livelihood in the poor, stony and waterless soil.

The elm smooth or ordinary is most widespread in Russia. A tree up to 25 meters high with beautiful and peculiar, wide elliptic, vaulted many-tier krone and the thin, hanging-down branches. Branches in the lower tier rather short and horizontal, on average at first ascending, and then hanging. In top part ray up. The maximum growth is reached by forty years of life. Diameter of a trunk to this age - more than a meter.

Bark of adult trees burovato - brown. Leaves on short scapes ovoid, pointed, naked and dark from above, it is soft - hairy light-green from below. With approach of fall are painted in burovato - purple tone.

Harmonous, modestly beautiful, unpretentious and unpretentious elm belief and the truth serves people throughout centuries. From - under an oak yes from - under an elm it is sung in the Russian national song. Seemingly usual tree, at first sight anything special. But on the other hand it - one of bases of everyday life of many people of the Northern hemisphere as Europe, Asia, and North America, and per se it was esteemed since the most ancient times.

Zheltovato - white wood with darkly - a brown kernel possesses remarkable qualities: it is strong, elastic, viscous, firm, it is difficult pricked. Its trump - water resistance. The pearl of Italy - Venice is obliged by the shape to an elm of which on piles the majority of buildings is built.

By wheels from an elm not very long ago there went the whole world. And Indians built the well-known irokezsky canoes of its bark.

The medicine of many people does not manage without birch bark as still call an elm. Its young bark possesses knitting, diuretic, krovoochistitelny the anesthetizing, styptic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing action, leaves - wound healing and anesthetizing properties.

Collected in inflorescences - bunches small flowers - valuable melliferous herbs. Fruits - ashkeys with a sunflower seed in the center in old times were prepared on a forage to cows, pigs, horses. The Chinese culinary specialists cook refined tasty, nutritious and useful exotic salads from immature fruits of an elm.

Druids very correctly noticed the main lines of an elm - symmetry, beauty and modesty. Taking up watch after an elm the cypress is harmonous too, is not deprived of refinement, but at the same time is more severe. But about it already in the following article.]