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How to support an exotic animal in house conditions? Crocodile.

Crocodiles belong to group of water reptiles. Adult individuals reach in length of 7 m. Habitat - the tropical rivers, lakes and bogs. Food - fish and vertebrata. The number of crocodile is sharply reduced, they are included in the Red List. In a number of the countries of crocodiles part on farms (the USA, Japan, Cuba).

To get houses of a Nile crocodile, the largest among these terrible animals hardly anyone - nibud will venture. But small crocodile cayman very similar to it senior and the relative, bigger by the size, fans of exotic are able to afford. By the sizes crocodile caymans do not exceed 2,5 m. On external signs almost not to distinguish them from the real crocodile. The difference between a crocodile and the cayman consists only in a structure of a mouth and the number of teeth, but it is known only by narrow experts.

Both children, and adults, having caught sight of this original, super - exotic and in own way a beautiful animal, at first are perplexed, whether real it? So motionless it sometimes happens that it seems an artificial sculpture. And there is no wonder, since for crocodiles and crocodile caymans absolutely natural state - to lie not movably, without moving and even without blinking.

- Hm, hm, crocodile And it at you that, an effigy?

- Oh, My God, a crocodile, perhaps? And what it does not move? Sleeps, perhaps? - guests are perplexed, - or it is wooden?

A only that is also necessary to you. And here you begin to tell ignorant and naive people that, without suspecting that, they here just hit the nail. It though not wooden, your pet, but the nature when created it, under a tree disguised it: the log - knotty it lies, allegedly, in water, rough it is similar? Probably.

And it lies Gena - a crocodile. Over water - only convex part of a back and eye. Lies to itself not movably, it is heated on the Nile sun, sunbathes, and at the same time and production waits. Here such careless young nanny-goat will come to a watering place, - he dreams, - and I her tsap - tsarap, and on a bottom - in the cozy underwater hole. And there - am - am - am, nyam - nyam - nyam is not present

At these artful predators even of language - here look narrowly when it lies with an open mouth - there is no language It for convenience - that nothing in a mouth prevented it to swallow big pieces quickly. It is not necessary to chew to it - swallows of everything entirely, directly with bones. And the sky top and lower are so densely closed with each other, as the gleam is not visible. It is too not for nothing the nature wise thought up - that in water, breaking off and swallowing of the production, the animal did not choke. In as! And you speak - does not move, does not move, sleeps To you so to sleep, with open eyes. Just it lies so because cunning.

In a house akvaterrarium, of course, to hunt there is nobody and here it and it is not necessary. Here feed regularly, there is enough everything. And therefore the animal is quiet - and what to fuss? There would be water, lamps as the sun, heated And it lies as a proud sphinx! Sometimes, however, it still can amuse public the fact that opens a mouth. It does it slowly, stately, and the people, especially children, squall:

- Oh, oh! You look, the crocodile opens a mouth. Mother, the father, go rather here, the crocodile opened a mouth!

And the crocodile cayman, as well as a big Nile crocodile opens a mouth with that purpose that to exhaust ! It thus protects itself(himself) from an overheat - is cooled. A heat and heat - it is good, but when too hot, then - that and helps such simple reception as opening of a mouth.

And still, for example, it is possible to tell guests that the African and Indian tribes have such belief that if the marriageable girl touches a tail of a crocodile, then soon she will marry and if the married lady touches, then her marriage will become stronger even stronger former, and the husband will not look at others. And what you think? When we told about it to visitors of nursery where I worked as the consulting physician, a female half of audience just rushed on a boarding.

The courageous zoologist of our nursery, and sometimes in combination and the guide to amuse visitors, opened sometimes a door of a terrarium and if the mood and position of an animal allowed, pulled out outside his tail. Ladies just peeped from delight, trying to grasp and touch, and those who managed it, said that it is similar to rubber, only, as though, on live

When to a crocodile too were bothered with similar discourteous treatment, he showed the discontent that he could hiss as the iron, and to krutanutsya sharply, and to clank with a mouth. What it supposedly for the treatment of the main monster of tropics?! Sometimes such demonstration performances enraged the terrible monster simply and all look told him: Eh, it is a pity that it is not enough place, and that I - joint stock company was developed and as would seize someone from you by a tail too! The Audience enthusiastically gasped - they terribly liked such extreme.

Though it is considered that crocodile - artful, rough predators, but I, observing feeding of these animals, noted more than once how refined and accurately they take meat. Only with an animal at the same time it is necessary to address, not to be afraid and not to stick politely and quietly for fear (for your own fear) to it roughly with meat in person . Of course, the food should be given not barehanded, and special devices, and it is simpler - a usual wooden stick on which the piece of meat, fish or chicken is strung.

And as the correct human saying says: as the call - and will respond ! How you will treat your pet as you will care for him also what to feed, both his mood, and appearance, and health depends.

Therefore before getting an animal, well think over what will be the place for its contents. To crocodiles as to semi-water reptiles, it is necessary akvaterrarium with the reservoir allowing an animal to be extended and be developed freely when swimming.

For the adult crocodile cayman the total amount of an akvaterrarium has to be about 1000 l in which temperature condition of 25 - 35 C at the water temperature of 22 - 25 C can be supported. Also the lighting containing in a range a soft ultraviolet with the wavelength of 290 - 320 nanometers (ultra-violet radiation of a zone B) is desirable.

In the nature crocodiles receive a lot of ultra-violet radiation which is necessary for them for normal digestion of mineral substances and it is especially important for young animals. In bondage this factor is provided with special lamps. Clear water - also important condition for keeping of water animals, therefore, it is necessary to provide system of an active filtration of water and its regular replacement.

But nevertheless the main condition of acquisition of this unsafe animal is well thought over decision - and whether THIS animal is necessary for you? As neither the crocodile, nor the crocodile cayman can be never considered rather manual and always represent potential danger. The hunting instinct which is evolutionarily developed at these animals can work automatically even then when they are nourishingly fed and, at first sight, absolutely quiet.

Most manual the crocodile can bite absolutely unexpectedly, without warning - from absolutely, apparently, a motionless state - in any case, the inexperienced person will not guess his intentions. It also complicates manipulations with an animal in a terrarium. Besides, crocodiles - animals with prevalence of a night aktivost. At this time they move much, float, dig soil, can climb up eminences on to the coast often make quite loud sounds and growl that can create inconveniences for the sleeping owners.

In a question of good nutrition there are also special nuances: feeding of crocodiles simple meat, frozen fish and chicken meat leads to avitaminosis and rickets, especially at young animals. Therefore it is necessary to add the forage close to natural to their diet - laboratory rats, not wretched and ungutted hens, live fish; and it is better to feed newborns in general with frogs, insects, mice, chickens, and also large insects (a locust, large species of cockroaches) and mollusks (Achatina, Ampularia).

You should not forget as well that the animal withdrawn from the nature forever said goodbye to the freedom, having had at the same time the most severe dezadaptatsionny stress. The only way to create it the acceptable conditions is to simulate their key parameters (the course of temperatures, humidity, lighting which are brought closer to natural, a stern) in the closed space and it is as little as possible to disturb an animal.

And if the blood-thirsty Monster of tropics - a crocodile - could speak, he, perhaps, told, looking in curious and inquisitive eyes and faces, examining it fans animals:

- Yes, I understand, I am considered blood-thirsty, I am considered angry I even know about myself such rhyme:

In Africa sharks,

In Africa gorillas, big

Angry crocodiles

- This verse of mother to children in a whisper quote

In Africa, sticking into me with a finger. And about Stolen Sun I am aware too. What only people did not ponavydumyvat about us, crocodiles. And part us on farms to rip skin off us and to do of it belts, suitcases and shoes.

We will respect and love so dumb animals, we will treat more carefully our, already thawing day by day, priceless heritage of the Nature!]