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How to apply tea in cosmetics?

at us sharply decrease in the Winter an opportunity to look after itself by means of natural house cosmetics. But from it skin does not become less exacting. In the summer we use fresh fruit and vegetables, and in the winter we have no such opportunity. But we can use tea. It is the most widespread drink in the world. Tea can be drunk practically at all diseases, and at some it even is an effective remedy, for example at a lack of vitamins C and P, food poisonings, promotes recovery at anemias and diseases of kidneys, etc. From tea the most part of useful substances, including 90% of vitamin C passes into hot infusion. Researchers consider that essential oil which creates aroma of tea contains more than 500 chemical compounds. Therefore tea not only is drunk for pleasure, but also use it in cosmetics.

By the way, different types of tea - black, sheet, long leaf, red, green and other grades of tea receive from the same raw materials depending on time of collecting and processing. And in cosmetic procedures apply too various grades of tea which are on sale in shops. How we can use tea in cosmetics?

We can use tea in such cosmetic procedures:

1. To make a teaspoon of tea in half of glass of boiled water and to insist 20 - 30 minutes, then to filter. We wipe with the tampon moistened with this infusion in the morning and before going to bed a face and a neck. This procedure well tones up skin, it is especially useful at the skin beginning to wither.

2. If to this infusion to add several drops of lemon juice, then excellent means for fat face skin because the lemon pulls together a time will turn out.

3. At the tired and inflamed eyes, a swelling a century, dark circles and bags under eyes put the tampons moistened with freshly brewed tea infusion to eyes or to drench single bags of tea with boiled water and for a minute to put in the refrigerator, and then on eyes. This procedure will take 10 - 15 minutes. This compress not only calms the inflamed and tired eyes, but also protects from early emergence of wrinkles around eyes.

4. At a severe hair loss every evening rub in head skin strong tea for 7 - 10 days. This infusion well affects as well growth of hair.

5. To give to dark hair a brownish or chestnut shade, take 2 - 3 tablespoons of tea and boil within 15 - 20 minutes in a glass of water and let`s be drawn. When tea becomes optimum temperature for you, rinse this broth hair, and they will get a brown shade.

6. If you have dark hair and gray-haired hairs began to appear, you will be able to hide it by means of rinsing of hair strong broth of tea after washing of the head.

If you use in the cosmetic purposes instead of tap water mineral water, then the effect will be even better.

But that tea after purchase in shop did not lose the taste and useful substances, it needs to be stored in a package from a foil and in a metal box. Tea cannot be stored in open form at all. Thus it loses the most part of useful substances and incorporates foreign smells.

Medicinal properties of tea also depend not only on its storage, but also on a way of preparation of tea. It is the best of all to make tea in a porcelain teapot, having rinsed it several times with boiled water. Then it is necessary to fill up tea in a teapot and to fill in with abrupt boiled water to a half. In 10 - 15 minutes add water in a teapot. Thus, tea and tasty will turn out and, the most important, useful.

So, drink tasty fragrant tea and apply it in cosmetics.

Health to you and beauty!]