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Work with graphics of

For those who are involved in development of the websites directly.

Beauty of the website influences emotions and mood of the user. Besides, the beautiful website gains. Professionally processed graphics assures of reliability of the fact that it offers the website. And even if on processing of an illustration a lot of time leaves and forces - the result will justify efforts!

Good (brought to standard) images can improve any design.

Let`s consider stages of preparation of images on an example:

1. We look for qualitative a photo - composition. there is no

anything shameful that we will find it in the Internet. As a result you are convinced of it. It is also possible to use the photos archives, or to take fresh the picture under a situation. Personally I found on Getty:

We arm with the graphic editor (Addobe PhotoShop, Corel PhotoPaint, e. t. c.) . Also we begin processing.

It is actually necessary to depict a subject (object) new textures (similar to original). Quality of edges, material will be 10 times more - if you draw anew, but do not smooth existing.

We impose the frontal plane:

In the first step only two tools - Allocation and Filling were used! Filling is gradient, a gradient linear. And here about allocation - manual. Smooth allocation on a vector. For this purpose I increase object and I bypass the plane control points. Then I do vector bends, and I create allocation from this vector.

Similarly we create object depth (we impose new grounds on the original image).

Farther to inhale very easy way in object life is white tenches along sides. Ordinary white (the translucent line) along each side:

Here you can already observe decor elements. Improvisation went (the same two tools: allocation and filling).

Any rotundities, mirrors and fragments of glass...

... gold small screws, author`s gravirovochka:

As a result we cleaned everything that was stolen at gettyimages . It is possible to tell that we have an author`s graphics, any cliparts of any collections - all the hands.

It is possible to see changes from an illustration to an illustration here more visually.]