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How to help itself favourite to leave off smoking? Ten councils of cardiologists.

of the Person cannot induce something to be do against his will and desire. Therefore all your attempts to give up smoking will come to an end as at Mark Twain if you did not make the firm decision and did not convince themselves that the termination of smoking is necessary for you and your family. And the speech not about sidelong glances of the spouse or spouse. Children of the smoking parents usually too smoke.

Do not try to leave off smoking under the influence of momentary moods. All the same it will not turn out, but about unsuccessful attempt in memory will remain notch exaggerating difficulties of transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Making the decision, consider all its parties, listen to all opinions of relatives. But make the final choice only independently and it is realized.

To facilitate implementation of own firm decision, I offer several councils developed by specialists of laboratory of social and preventive cardiology of the Belarusian scientific research institute of cardiology.

1. Establish for yourself the maximum norm of the cigarettes smoked daily. do not try to execute it by all means. It is not the plan, and line which cannot be crossed. Consistently go towards the aim, reduce norm by one cigarette every day.

2. You do not keep around cigarettes more, than allows the daily standard. Better do not buy a cigarette for yourself at all. Shoot them at friends and acquaintances. If conscience torments - buy and give to friends of a cigarette which you can ask for them for some time.

3. Before lighting a match, ask yourself a question: To Smoke or not to smoke? Postpone the solution of the question for later and return a cigarette to a pack.

4. Warn the relatives and friends about your decision to give up smoking. Ask them the help and rely on their support for achievement of the purpose.

5. In everything needs planned character. In advance plan date of full refusal of tobacco. Foggy formulations next month or after delivery of the report do not approach. No matter, what is the time before the planned date, two days or three months. It is important to execute planned.

6. Out of sight, out of mind . Hide far away the objects reminding of smoking : lighters, cigarettes, ashtrays etc.

7. Use the distracting maneuvers . At emergence of desire to light eat mint candy, drink a glass of water or do several breathing exercises.

8. Do not use the " cigarette; to calm down for overcoming of nervousness or irritability. They are inevitable satellites of an initial stage of fight against an addiction. Temporary difficulties should just be endured.

9. Surely combine the smoking termination with increase in physical activity. Be guided by a state of health. Someone can be engaged in run in the mornings, it is enough to someone to be limited to foot walks.

10. Reconsider a diet and a set of products , especially, if there is a tendency to corpulence. Do not overeat. To smoke usually pulls after a dense lunch. Do not eat before going to bed, the last having a snack let`s assume not later than in two hours prior to release .

According to the former smokers, the most difficult period for left off smoking - the first two days. After it is passed Rubicon chances to forget about tobacco become significantly more.

But do not overestimate the progress and do not relax. Some more years will be enough only one cigarette again to become the smoker. Kind health.]