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Whose millions profukivat one of the best-known blondes Paris Hilton?

on December 25, 1887, 120 years ago, in San - Antonio (the state New - Meksiko) in Augustus and Mari Hiltonov`s family was born the second child, the son who was named Conrad. Day was Christmas, to the people in department shop which kept August, there was much, and therefore only whispered to it about addition in family - he could not throw the workplace to Augustus and Mari very much it was pleasant to

on their new homeland. They got acquainted here, in the United States, both were natives of Europe: the wife - from Germany, and the husband arrived from Norway. Augustus had a good trade vein, the shop made good profit that allowed to support eight children and to gradually build up the house with five bedrooms.

A bit later Augustus thanked the lucky stars more than once for the fact that he managed all the means to enclose in real estate, to build such huge house. 20 years later after Conrad`s birth (it was called in honor of Saint Michael Conrad) in the USA there was a financial crisis, in shop there were practically no buyers and was solved for the sake of economy of electricity not to creep away everyone on the room and to gather.

The become empty rooms caused the mixed feeling, and someone from members of household offered: And let`s hand over we these rooms to lodgers? The Commercial vein of Hilton - the senior right there began to pulse and send impulses to a brain: So, it is better not to jack up the price, let will be cheaper, but the people have more. After a while in the city the hearing will go that at Hiltonov it is possible to lodge almost for nothing, from guests to a release will not be .

As the live advertizing meeting visitors at the station, Augustus used just Conrad. Till 18 years the son worked in shop of the father as the simple clerk, but it had one remarkable quality - he could persuade to make a purchase even of the blind person Calculation of the businessman was faithful to

. Inhabitants and guests San - Antonio willingly lodged in the house at Hiltonov, and soon Conrad resolutely refused a position street barkers - letting of rooms became steady process. Money dripped, and Augustus decided to send the son to military institute in Rosuele where trained mining engineers, or, in other words, sappers and blasters.

But upon termination of institute Conrad did not go to the new duty station as most of his fellow students. The father complained that he is alone not able to do successfully business, and needs the assistant. It was necessary to come back to the guy to native Penates. However, when in 1912 the father was elected the deputy of the lower house of local parliament of staff, he without hesitation took to itself(himself) in Conrad`s assistants. Work was, to put it mildly, not dusty, but quickly became boring.

Speak, there`s no evil without good. For operating time at Hilton`s father - younger thoroughly studied the legislation of staff, quickly understood its openings and considered that it any more not the baby bird, feathered enough to make independent flight. And therefore he declared to the father that he leaves him and buys own bank.

Of course, Augustus was much more practical. He advised the son not to leave a position, and just to employ the sensible managing director in bank. Conrad and made, but at the same time made a mistake in some degree, having appointed the managing director of the former schoolmate. That had no enough knowledge, both in the bank sphere, and in economic, and therefore the newly appeared owner of bank was forced to leave the child, without having grown rich. In several months from the date of the basis " bank; burst .

Whether was upset from - for it Conrad? Perhaps, trifle. He understood one - banking not its fad. But the guy did not manage to be engaged in something in another: World War I burst, and he registered the volunteer in the army which was at war in Europe. The benefit it was appointed the second lieutenant - the quartermaster that automatically meant continuous presence at the second echelon. So the service was a burden on it not.

Here only news from the house arrived tragic... Augustus of Hilton got to a road accident, and died, without regaining consciousness. As among men in a family Conrad was the most senior, responsibility for a family lay on him now

He returned from Europe in 1918 and right there faced that it is necessary to find own business. He made a right choice not at once, but, nevertheless, in 1919 he bought the first hotel, having renamed it into Hilton, in honor of the father Augustus. And, he resolved to adhere to tactics of the father - the price has to be the lowest. And, he became the owner of hotel rather incidentally, than consciously. Just arrived to the small town of Sisko in the State of Texas with hope to buy bank, and in local 60 - room hotel Mobel places did not appear. It was necessary to spend the night to it on a bench in park, and lying on a rigid ridge surface, Conrad thought: if I do not manage to rent the room in hotel tomorrow, I will buy it entirely.

On happy combination of circumstances owners of hotel also had no objection to get rid of this nightmare somewhat quicker. In a week all documents were processed, and became Hilton the owner. Since then everything rushed - went. After a while Conrad grew rich so that he began to build hotels with zero . Only from 1925 to 1933 he constructed 8 hotels, on one in 365 days.

It is possible, long to list those steps which Hilton climbed to glory top. But it is far more curious those principles which Conrad underlay in development of hotel business. Them a little.

1. Real comfort and unostentatious, but ubiquitous service.

2. the Client has to receive a maximum of services, without leaving hotel. In Hilton`s hotels the first among others there were various booths with consumer goods, newspapers and all what the lodger needs every day.

3. Before opening hotel, managers have to live in it to define what is not enough to feeling of the total harmony and that, on the contrary, brings inconveniences.

4. needs to build hotel business only in a close unification with transport campaigns (in particular, with the airports), with travel agencies which will be to adjust the clients, with heads of the museums, theaters and other places who are most visited by visitors.

5. Introduction hotel business in a gaming. Practically get on well at all gambling zones of Hiltona to stake out the place for construction before competitors.

It is not the complete list. It can be continued long. But I would like to stop your attention on one coincidence - as well as at Augustus Hilton, his son Conrad had eight children. And Conrad tried to marry each offspring (to give in marriage) for the people having strong business. This merging of the capitals helped Conrad as most to pour in fresh " blood; and to be tied in this or that sector of economy more closely. All eight children of Hilton - successful businessmen. And not only father`s money to volume fault . For them the father became the real example.

And here the great-granddaughter - Paris Hilton - brought the ancestor. It is known for the extravagant acts. What is cost only by headings of articles about to the blonde Paris. Took from the Internet offhand: In drunk bared a breast Paris Hilton bared a bottom The masked prostitute at the scheduled " party; etc.

Is good that old times Conrad did not live up to such shame. He died on January 3, 1979, in Santa - Monica, and was buried on the Mount Golgotha of a cemetery in Dallas. He bequeathed the most part of the property to the fund created for promoting peace. The part of funds from fund is traditionally allocated to the Catholic nuns working with the poor ]