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How to improve reception of the mobile device of the house? Part II, a solution of the problem of

Some people notice that the signal and a consistent reception of the mobile device changes depending on stay it in the apartment. In the previous article How to improve reception of the mobile device of the house? Part I, description of a problem we considered why so happens. There are very many reasons of deterioration of communication which are not depending on mobile network operator on condition of correct work of it.

But how to be? What can be made for improvement of reception of the mobile device?

1. Repair of the room. If all of you equally are going to do to

it, then it is worth thinking of coefficient of weakening of a signal depending on material. Attenuation of a signal can make about 20 - 40 units. The more metal, the it is more. Toning of glasses also brings the contribution - 3 - 5 units (it fairly and for the car, communication in the zatonirovanny car is worse, than in nezatonirovanny). Generally, at competent approach to repair there is a chance to minimize loss of a signal.

Question price: for the sake of phone you should not do repair. It is possible to tell that for 500 and above dollars you to yourself fine complicate life.

2. Portable antenna.

each mobile device has, recommended by manufacturer (often to them and let out) an external antenna. If as a result of repair by phone it became much worse to speak, it is possible to recommend to buy such antenna and to remove it for glass. Their dimensions are small, and length of a cable allows to put the mobile phone at distance over a meter / two from the antenna (however, for exact data it is better to address the seller). Also it can be made as prevention and to look whether there are changes to the best.

Question price: it is small. In any case, similar antennas are cheaper than the most mobile device. Power supply per se is absent.

3. Broadband repeater.

If to explain the principle of operation of the similar device, then it is as follows: accepted - strengthened - told further . And the most adapted for house use from all types of repeaters broadband repeaters are the cheapest. They can strengthen all frequencies at once, thereby improving work not only one some operator. Besides, if earlier communication, say, in a toilet did not work for you, then after turning on of the similar device it is possible to say with a big share of confidence that she will earn. At its installation it is necessary to consider special sanitary standards which very rigidly regulate installation of similar devices.

It is necessary to remember that it is undesirable to use this device without coordination with mobile operator. The matter is that unauthorized inclusion of a similar repeater can cause damage to the company of the operator instead of advantage, create in this place various problems (in more detail in the first article, point 4). This way is given as acquaintance that it exists. The author does not bear any responsibility for possible problems which can arise when using this council.

Question price: about 500 dollars and are a little electric power for power supply of the device.

It is also possible to consider recommendations of the first article and to check whether stirs you your radio telephone if such, of course, exists.

All these ways lead to improvement of reception of the mobile device in the house. It will be just useful for that before whom such task is not necessary to broaden the horizons...]