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How to make mayonnaise, ketchup and other simple and tasty sauces?

There is a wish to return to sauces. How to prepare the main, we already know. And this most important as on their basis it is possible to prepare a great number of others! For every taste!

I will tell in confidence that I cook the main sauces not on meat broth. Too long. Therefore I prefer to use usual cubes. For speed. But if to do everything by rules, then it turns out more tasty, namely nasyshchenny more fragrantly.

So if you want to reduce a preparation time, then just use my secret!

Well, and now I will hurry to acquaint you with some sauces!

Sauce red turned sour - sweet. we Buy usual dried fruits (I take prunes and raisin), we wash out and we extinguish them about 10 minutes. Surely add allspice! Now we connect everything to red main sauce. We bring to boiling. We add a little bit vinegar. At will it is also possible to add a little red dry wine and ground nuts. Everything, sauce is ready!

This sauce is perfectly combined with stewed meat and bird dishes.

Sauce onions with mustard . It is necessary to chop onions small. Now it is browned. Then it is necessary to connect the browned onions to red main sauce and to boil thoroughly about 10 minutes, to salt, add a little mustard, butter. Only to you it is not necessary to boil sauce after mustard addition further. Otherwise " mustard; will be curtailed also will lose the aroma. Sauce has to turn out on taste ostrovaty. It is ready!

This sauce perfectly approaches forcemeat dishes. It is well combined with sausages.

Sauce mushroom . It is previously necessary to boil mushrooms. Then small to chop onions and to fry it together with mushrooms within 5 minutes. The fried mushrooms and onions connect to white main sauce and boil about 10 more minutes. At the end add butter. Everything is ready!

Can make this sauce and with tomato puree. Simply at the end of cooking to add couple of spoons of tomato paste and to bring to boiling.

This sauce can be served to cutlets, to vegetable garnishes and grain dishes.

Sauce smetanny with onions . We cut onions half rings and we brown till golden color. Then we connect sour cream, onions and white main sauce. Together we boil everything about 10 minutes, we salt, we add a little ketchup or tomato paste. We bring to boiling, at the same time continuously stirring slowly. That`s all!

It is possible to serve this sauce with a liver, fried meat and to stuffed cabbage.

The special attention wants to be paid to preparation of sauce of mayonnaise. It prepares without flour pan-frying therefore its preparation does not require existence of the main sauces.

So, we will begin!

Sauce mayonnaise . We cool vegetable oil. We separate proteins of crude eggs from yolks. We take yolks, we place them in not oxidized ware. Now we add to them mustard, salt, sugar. Properly we pound everything. Now we begin to enter vegetable oil gradually. At the same time we do not cease to shake up our weight. Now we add a little vinegar, we mix. Color of sauce brightens. I adore this moment! Cook not only cook, but also chemist a little.

Mayonnaise represents an emulsion in which vegetable oil is in a type of very small fatty balls which are formed when beating. At insufficient beating and long storage balls of oil connect among themselves and act on a sauce surface. But exactly thanks to the emulsion state mayonnaise is easily acquired by our organism.

As well as with what to serve mayonnaise, each hostess knows!

And still it is possible to prepare independently ketchup . For this purpose it is necessary to cut fresh tomatoes small. Spread them in a deep frying pan. Add a melkorubleny fresh basil, tomato paste, a little wine vinegar, salt and ground black pepper. All this needs to be heated and constantly stirring slowly to prepare, thus, before solidification. To cool. That`s all!

There are such remarkable sauces. Not so difficult and very tasty. There would be time and desire to prepare them.

Good luck!]