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How to get true friends? Whether

Happen at you so that you feel very lonely? What you have nobody to consult on some question or you lack friendly support? In this article I will try to state the principles which will help first of all you to become the true friend, to become such person who has true friends.

What has to be the true friend? We judge people on their acts. Therefore I will write how the friend arrives. The true friend will be able always to help you in a hard time, but he will never use you as means for achievement of the purposes. The true friend will sincerely be glad to your progress, but will not pretend that he is glad, and at the same time in soul to envy you. The friend will always find for you a proper word of support which so often is not enough for people. It can offer the needs to help you because it is happy when it can help you. Always it is possible to rely on the friend because he is honest with you and he is always glad to you to help.

If you want to have the true friend, become the true friend! Always it is necessary to begin with itself, but not to demand from others what you do not do. You should not think also that the friend has to be the ideal person deprived of any shortcomings. It`s not true. Friend - too people, and ideal people are not present. Was ideal and there is only Jesus Christ, and on him you have to equal: your ability to offer itself, the time and finance, for the sake of other person, your disinterested friendship, sincere attention and honest thoughts concerning the person - all this says that in return you do right thing.

If you act this way - people to you will stretch. They will see in you the honest and open person, and it will be interesting to them with you. Among these people can be and such which will want to use you as means. They will think only of themselves and of benefit which will be able to be received from you. If you understood that someone treats you in this way, uses you in the purposes, then talk to this person openly. That he knew that you consider his behavior unworthy. If it does not change, stop to help it. It will do it only good.

But among your acquaintances will also be also such which really will be grateful to you. They will try to reciprocate on your kindness and your attention. Here they will also become your friends. Friendship - it is reciprocity. How it is possible to be on friendly terms with the one who is not on friendly terms with you? From your party the main thing - it to treat all with kindness, a smile and attention. And people will solve whether they want to be your friends. But know, it is necessary to communicate with friends personally, and time for this purpose is necessary. Therefore many friends cannot just be. But it is not so important. You treat all with love and respect, and of you you do right thing. Remember, the main thing - this your attitude towards people, but not the attitude of people towards you. You should not even pay attention to the attitude of people towards you. There is a lot of people, and all people different.

Even brothers are not always friends though, apparently, have to love each other. So vital bonds do not guarantee unity yet. Though the family also has to give to the person the first idea of love and friendship, it not always occurs. The friendship, in turn, does not depend on relationship.

To get friends, it is necessary to begin with itself, it is necessary most to become such with what you want to see the friends. You change - also the whole world around you will change.