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How much is free operation? From own life.

Cesarean section is necessary for you , - for the tenth time the gynecologist repeated, - with yours - that sight . And again explained useless to the patient, that 38 weeks, difficult planned operation is necessary and it is necessary to go to hospital in advance.

Morning of the next day my husband accompanied me in the known Samara maternity hospital which we chose after long debate. The chief manager, the lovely woman, dissuaded us to use paid services, having told that everything will be well made and so, free of charge. Saying goodbye to the husband, I asked to buy a good carriage on the saved money.

I will not begin to describe details of my dwelling in maternity hospital. I will tell only that for the second day I approached the chief physician and asked to perform on me operation tomorrow. Seeing my decadent mood, it agreed.

Tomorrow came . My God, - I asked, - make so that operation took place successfully .

As on execution, went I on the operating table, knowing that I will not hear the first shouts of the baby, I will not see the first minutes it terrestrial lives.

- For the first time, so you give birth? - someone`s voice brings me out of a stupor.

Anesthesiologist. It will do me the general anesthesia.

- Yes, the first, - I agree.

- Yes you be not afraid, everything will be according to the highest category, we will make to you a good anesthesia By the way, to you what anesthesia, Soviet or import? I warn at once, from Soviet there are hallucinations.

- Of course, import

- Then from you two thousand rubles, you will give after operation.

My God, help - I whisper and I climb on a cold table. One prick, and three hours of my life passed in terrible darkness. I do not want more

After I learned to eat anew after operation when there passed the first intolerable pain around the cut and drawn stomach, there occurred happiness. It consisted in a small tiny lump, the little son Romochke.

- Prepare for an extract, - the doctor told, removing seams.

the Same was heard by my neigbour in chamber. When we, two newly made mothers, packed things, she asked: And what you present to the nurse who makes out an extract ? The Nurse told that candies and chocolates did not give her, it is better " fruit;. to

Well, I asked the husband to buy fruit. Good-bye, maternity hospital. Or perhaps farewell?

Man proposes, God disposes. So it turned out that in three months performed on me operation again. This time on removal of an appendix. With a bad attack I was brought on the ambulance to hospital at three o`clock in the morning. In a reception took analyses and ordered to the duty nurse to take away me in chamber. When we went, straying along long corridors, the nurse suddenly asked: The Daughter, and you have money - that is? On the surprised question: To Whom? answered: To me, of course . I became puzzled and promised it to bring money tomorrow. By the way, more I did not talk to this nurse. She was on duty in the case and did not come to our office. Then I was examined by the doctor, and sent to the operating table

In chamber besides me 16 more patients lay. Through a thin partition there was a woman with the same diagnosis - appendicitis. We got to talking.

- Awful conditions, - I told, - but though money was not taken.

- you speak, free of charge? And I paid four thousand , - the patient was surprised, - here free of charge do not do anything, resemble, ask

Journalistic curiosity got the best. I ingratiated with some patients, and they confirmed that on each operation the limit is set. For removal of hernia - 12 thousand, on a gall bladder - eight thousand.

- Yes you do not rejoice, before operation did not take, so later will take , - one grandmother consoled me.

I will tell at once - did not take. I still guess why. Whether doctors felt sorry for the poor young feeding mummy, whether were frightened that I will use the profession of the journalist, and I will write the exposing article. I cannot precisely tell.

A today the husband told that he wants the second child. Means, one more Caesarian? - you Will earn

on an anesthesia and fruit, - then we will talk, - I finished conversation.]