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What is stenocardia dangerous by and how to reduce risk of a disease?

the picture is familiar to Much: the elderly man, having leaned against a wall, presses a hand to a breast, the second convulsively rummages on pockets. What is with it? Most likely, stenocardia attack.

What is stenocardia? Unfortunately, very widespread disease. The most frequent form of coronary heart disease. The squeezing, pressing or burning thorax pain, behind a breast arises usually after emotional or physical activity. Bol can be given under a left shoulder-blade, to the left hand, a neck or the lower jaw.

In hard cases several steps or ladder steps can become the occasion provoking pain. If loading to stop and accept nitroglycerine, the attack, as a rule, passes.

Except physical activities and an emotional pressure the increased arterial pressure, smoking and overcooling can become a reason for an attack of stenocardia.

The main reason for stenocardia - atherosclerosis , narrowing of the coronary arteries supplying heart with blood. Narrowing of a gleam of a vessel happens from - for formations of atherosclerotic plaques in which cholesterol and other substances collects. Atherosclerosis - not the only reason. Sharp narrowing of quite healthy vessels - a spasm, can cause tension of a muscular layer of their walls.

The narrowed arteries can provide sufficient supply of heart with blood and oxygen in the conditions of rest. But at physical activity or an emotional pressure heart is reduced more often and stronger, there is not enough oxygen any more, there is ischemia, oxygen starvation . Breast pain is an alarm signal which gives heart. If to disregard signals, the attack of stenocardia can develop into a serious and dangerous illness - a myocardial infarction.

Having felt breast pain , it is necessary to stop immediately physical activity and to sit down, but not to lay down. To take a nitroglycerine pill under language. If pain does not pass five - seven minutes, to take one more pill and to call the ambulance. Instead of traditional tablets it is possible (and it is even necessary) to use modern and effective preparations on the basis of nitrates in the form of sprays.

As well as any illness, stenocardia it is better to warn. One of the main reasons of formation of plaques in coronary arteries - the increased cholesterol level in blood. its level should not exceed values of 5 mmol/l.

The diet will allow to reduce the content of cholesterol in blood without application of special preparations. Limit consumption of animal fats, use more vegetables, fruit and seafood, especially fat fish.

Control the level of arterial pressure. its value should not exceed 140 / 90 mm of a mercury column. Otherwise, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Smoking accelerates development of atherosclerosis , causes a spasm of coronary arteries, considerably increases danger of a myocardial infarction. Refuse smoking.

Excess weight increases load of heart and probability of emergence of attacks of stenocardia. I will remind that value of an index of body weight within 20 - 24,9 is considered normal. Knowing the growth and weight, it is simple to calculate an index: divide kilograms into a square of meters and compare the received figure to the recommended indicators.

Be in the fresh air more, you go on foot, try to avoid stressful situations.

The attentive attitude towards the health will reduce risk not only stenocardias, but also any other diseases. You remember, in most cases you dispose of the health.]