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Than the person is similar to a rabbit? Part 2

of Whom is loved, that will not get sick

the Spanish proverb says: The death avoids the Man who is very much loved by the woman . That is, the love, especially strong, is capable to become the real guardian angel for this purpose who is loved.

At university of the State of Ohio physicians made regular experiments on laboratory rabbits. Experimental animals were fed with greasy food specially to cause the excessive content of cholesterol in their blood. At the end of experience at all rabbits the early stage of atherosclerosis, except several small animals really began. Scientists could not understand in any way why one got sick, and others are not present. As it became clear later, the laboratory assistant feeding this group ironed rabbits, spoke with them daily gently. As we see, the love is really capable to work wonders - in any case, to win against an illness.

And now, the kind reader, try to solve one problem. In one experiment the group of examinees carried out the same task in the presence of the examiner. Approaching one, the examiner praised them, approved. Approaching others, paid attention only to their mistakes for which sharply criticized. It at all never approached other examinees. How you think who as a result showed the best result?

A results appeared the following: the best - at those who were encouraged it is slightly worse - at those who were criticized, and the worst - at those to whom did not pay attention at all. From there is conclusion: even the negative attention all - is better, than its absence.

Lyubov is dearer than gold

the Love and attention of one person to another are much more important than money, a cosiness and satiety. Daily in America 50 000 people leave, 2122 families break up, 1380 teenagers run away from the house. Reason one: people feel underestimated. They lack ordinary human attention.

You remember the animated film in which the girl spoke all the time: Who will praise me best of all, that will receive sweet " candy;? It is the general law. The more we will present attention to others, the more will be at us sweet " candies;: it is more than friends, it is more than victories, it is more than pleasure in our life. Turgenev in the evening of life admitted that would give everything - both money, and glory, and success - to an exchange only for that being sure that where - that is the person who worries whether I am healthy and whether had dinner " today;

Yes, everyone dies alone . And in it there is a wise sense. But there is no sense in living alone. And living together, it is necessary to remember: the person - not a rabbit, but also it needs stroking.

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