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A few years ago the British biologists during experiences faced the unexpected phenomenon. During experiment biologists took two absolutely identical leaves of one plant and placed them under glass. Then several people participating in experiment in turn sat down at one leaf and during certain time looked at it - only watched also nothing any more. After a while the leaf to which people did not pay attention began to fade quickly, and at what constantly looked continued to remain fresh. And the most surprising turned out the fact that the leaf remained fresh and did not fade until looked at it!

Thus, scientists could state: the attention is an energy which as well as water, the sun, food, feeds living biological beings and prolongs them life. If we transfer conclusions of this experiment to the person, then we will be convinced, as this law works here: while look at us, that is while we are necessary to someone while we are interesting to someone, we feel as it should be and we hold " form;. Long ago it is noticed that the women deprived of man`s attention grow old quicker, and the men deprived of female caress are ill more often and earlier die. And the working pensioners, for example, not only much less often see a doctor in comparison with the unemployed peers, but also live longer. And business here not so much in positive properties of physical or intellectual work, how many in consciousness the person of his need to someone, in continuous and full communication with people.

It is not important that you eat. Important - with whom

If the person knows that it is loved if he everyday feels on himself respect, care and attention of the people surrounding it, it exerts the most beneficial influence on its health. Modern psychologists even more often come to such conclusion. In particular, they prove that with people who consider themselves happy in marriage or having reliable friends, there are accidents much less often, than to those who are lonely or feel like the loser.

Modern doctors also paid attention to that fact that to heart attacks, strokes and others it is warm - first of all those who constantly are influenced by feeling of the insignificance, uselessness and impossibility to share with someone the feelings or thoughts are exposed to vascular diseases. The stress leads to weakening of immune system and increase of cholesterol in blood, and it in turn - a direct road for any illness. At the same time it is noticed that the people testing more than pleasures, than chagrin differ in excellent health even in old age.

As one of the most striking examples physicians give results of inspection of residents of the town of Rozeto in the State of Pennsylvania (USA). Here the level, record-breaking low for the USA, warmly - vascular diseases is registered. Doctors were inclined to explain it with a specific mode of food or sports hobbies of residents of the town. But special research showed that neither in that, nor in other aspect Rozeto`s population does not differ from other Americans at all, moreover, eats, as a rule, greasy food, and factory preparation.

A solution as doctor Antoni Sattilaro investigating this paradox in the book " writes; It is good to Live - naturally it turned out that in Rozeto the spirit of a community is extremely strong: If any of inhabitants experiences difficulties, - Sattilaro emphasizes, - other members of this surprising community even not familiar with it come to the rescue. This consciousness of participation of others in your troubles helps residents of the town to cope with various stressful situations and to struggle successfully with diseases .

Mother with the father visit us Water research was established to

that kids who since the birth were deprived of maternal attention (if mother refused the child, for example) and were brought up in charity houses, grow not absolutely full-fledged people. Both in mental, and in moral the relations. As the statistics, nearly 80% of murderers, 75% of tyrants and 73% of prostitutes (not only in the USA testifies, but practically in all countries of Europe) make those who since the birth were deprived of parental love. That is those who were nedolyubit nedolaskat, nedotselovat.

Most of all those children whose parents work from morning to evening suffer from lack of caress. Usually they are given to grandmothers and visited once a week. And when at some crisis moment at mother the love to the child flashes, she will come across callousness and indifference. As usual, mother begins to fill up the child with toys, but it does not help: nedolaskanny children are not able to play. They have no experience of manifestation of love and care. And therefore with peers they do not find a common language, from rage break others toys, become uncontrollable and can even strike.

It is so-called syndrome of children`s home children which are badly developed emotionally: they cannot even correctly embrace and avoid adults. Such children often are ill, hard having even cold. And from - for inabilities to express the feelings often resort to aggression. Psychotherapists have even a special diagnosis: acute shortage of caress .

That the child grew up healthy and mentally balanced, it is necessary to satisfy constantly his need for gentle touches, - the specialist of the Russian federal center of sexology and sexual pathology Irina Leonidovna Botneva says. - When mother instinctively pats the child on a back, takes on hands, she does not even realize all importance of these lechebno - preventive procedures. The six-months kid who was nursed overtakes the child who was fed from a small bottle in the mental and physical development. At all not because of the caloric content of maternal milk but because the touch of mother will not be replaced by nothing .

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