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Who was called the murderer behind a desk ?

my Answer will follow a question at once. So called Heinrich Himmler. I hope that the name it is associated at a people at large at least with Hitler and Vtoroy mirovoy voynoy.

But it to horror a little. Give together we will understand the identity of this figure " a little; third Reich .

I will begin with the fact that Heinrich Himmler had absolutely ordinary appearance, in photos of his that time it was impossible to allocate from surrounding colleagues with bulldog`s faces of murderers in any way. Besides, he reminded rather an accountant, than policy and furthermore - the cruelest schemer of the middle of the 20th century. Himmler was described as the modest, quiet, sluggish person, at the same time characterized as fanatically obedient and devoted to the Fuhrer thanks to what Himmler also was allocated at the initial stage of the criminal political way. Besides, the gray little mouse had extremely resourceful mind and a tenacious grasp.

Here several of the interesting facts.

1. Himmler spread rumors about own inoffensiveness and itself believed in them that he was trusted better by people around.

2. Himmler showed fear of blood.

3. To many persons who were under its supervision, Himmler gave diminutive nicknames, for example, to the general CC Wolf - the Wolf cub, the metressa Hezkhen - the Leveret.

4. Himmler advertized the avarice though he lived quietly in a magnificent mansion and had still some expensive real estate.

5. Indisputable and laudable, in my opinion, quality was the deep patriotic feeling of Himmler which he did not hide why he suffered from sneers of Hitler and colleagues (for example, he collected the crocks which are dug out by the German archeologists).

6. Very few people from an environment could look Himmler fool in the face.

7. Himmler never gave accurate orders, never lectured anybody and did not punish personally. Very elaborately, it does not seem to you? Thus, in a sticky situation he could always tell that his entrusted person did not understand the order. A remarkable way to come off clear, having shifted the blame on the intermediary.

8. Himmler was a traitor at heart. The public statement that it " was his first large treachery; is eager to hang up the father in a tiara and in full vestments at Saint Peter`s Square . And in 10 years prior to these words Himmler spoke: Whatever it happened, I will always love God, to pray to him and I will be faithful to Catholic church .

9. Himmler agreed with Hitler on an issue that after war it is necessary to enter the legalized bigamy for increase in population of thoroughbred Aryans.

Heinrich Himmler began the way in kayzerovsky army where passionately aspired, however long he did not happen to be at war, and he entered the Munich university to become the agronomist. Then he registered in reactionary student`s corporation, and later, in 1923, in the " organization; Reykhskrigflagge as which member participated in the well-known Beer putsch that gave to Hitler start in life . Young Himmler it is proud flew a flag. Further advance on a political ladder went by the principle it appeared in the right place in due time and besides had the necessary knowledge and qualities .

I give some facts from Himmler`s biography for short acquaintance and formation of idea of its activity.

1. In 1929 according to Hitler`s order Himmler becomes Reichsfuhrer-SS.

2. In 1932 Himmler creates a secret service of safety - SD - with Geydrikh at the head.

3. In 1933 Himmler becomes the head of the Munich police.

4. Himmler creates the first concentration camp in Dachau.

5. In 1934 Himmler accepts command of Gestapo (secret state police).

6. In 1943 Himmler becomes Minister of Internal Affairs, and in 1944 - the commander of reserve army.

7. Having felt the inevitable end of the Hitlerite plan of a gain of the countries of the East, Himmler develops activity for the purpose of the conclusion of a separate peace for what (after a denunciation) it is excluded from NSDAP as the traitor and loses all the posts.

8. In 1945 Himmler tries to run through the Polish border.

the Former Reichsfuhrer-SS is taken prisoner to British and on May 21 commits suicide, having got to the core of a potassium cyanide ampoule.

To dilute the facts, dryish for perception, I cite Himmler`s speech in 1943 :

Here I will speak with you absolutely frankly about especially difficult chapter... Among themselves we will openly say though we will never make it publicly... I mean exile of Jews, destruction of the Jewish people... Only the few from attendees know that it means when the heap of corpses lies, - hundred, five hundred, one thousand corpses... To sustain all this and to keep decency, - here that tempered our character. It is the nice page of our history which was never written and it will never be written .

And I any more will write nothing. Just now I have no words.]