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How to get rid of nicotine addiction?

I Welcome all who read this article now!

It is known that presently rather sharply there is a smoking problem, as among the senior generation, and as it is not sad, at teenagers. I hope, many of you do not smoke and are not going to get this habit or already threw. But, if all of you are subject to nicotine addiction, maybe, and someone from your friends or acquaintances, then understand that the before a cigarette will cease to appear at you in a pocket, the better. The American scientists considered that the one who began to smoke to 15 - summer age - on average reduces the life by 8,2 years (!) . The beginning of smoking in 15 - 20 years reduces life by 6,5 years, in 20 - 24 - for 4,8 years, in 25 - 34 - for 3,7 years. Reflect, it is necessary to you?.

The most effective are three ways today.

First. To leave off smoking at once.

This best decision - destroy all stocks of your cigarettes, and resolutely declare to the friends, and, above all - to yourself that you do not smoke any more and never you will be no more. It is possible to tie such statement to a favorable psychological situation: Holiday, vacation, days off, a holiday, an illness etc. of

to facilitate the first days of disaccustoming from smoking - try several simple, well-known methods: you hold an empty tube in a mouth, use chewing gum, lollipops. It is necessary to operate consciously the acts, creating a certain psychological background to accelerate separation from this opposite habit. For example: intensify sports occupations, you go to theater, cinema more often.

It is also important to carry out conversation with friends and acquaintances, let them under no circumstances do not offer you cigarettes, and it is the best of all to conclude a bet.

If you have all - there are not enough psychological forces at once to cope with smoking, you also you can address experts who treat dependence by hypnotic and other methods.

Second. Method of small steps.

In due time a set of universities of the world developed various techniques for disaccustoming from smoking. Further all the Munich institute of psychiatry of Max Planck progressed in these researches. Main essence of this technique - smoking becomes uncomfortable under the influence of external factors. Gradually cigarettes will not bring to the smoker pleasure, and quite often will begin to irritate.

Here that needs to be done.

· Buy cigarettes on one pack.

· Smoke a cigarette not less than in five minutes after purchase.

· Having taken the &ndash cigarette; clean a pack as it is possible further.

· Use only light cigarettes with the filter.

· Constantly change a grade and brand of cigarettes.

· You Keep cigarettes in such places that when you wanted to smoke, it was necessary to rise and go for them to other room.

· If offer you the &ndash cigarettes; refuse.

· You do not ask a cigarette if yours came to an end. And here, on the contrary, leave the matches or a lighter at home. And ask every time to light from acquaintances or passersby.

· Having smoked, at once clear an ashtray - also move away her far away. After each inhaling clean a cigarette on edge of an ashtray.

· Before lighting, make three quiet deep breath and an exhalation.

· Smoke a cigarette no more than half.

· Having lit, after the first inhaling - extinguish a cigarette. If it wants to smoke still, it is necessary to light a cigarette again. Drag on every other time. At first just you hold a smoke in a mouth.

· Smoke the First cigarette in day not earlier, than after a breakfast.

· After food you leave from at once - for a table, and be engaged in business, it is not obligatory to light at all.

· You smoke Houses in kitchen, in the platform - where - nibud in the inconvenient place. At the same time be never engaged in anything pleasant: reading, viewing of TV, listening of music.

· You do not smoke standing also during walking, and also in a bed and when getting hungry. You do not smoke driving, behind a desk and in working hours. Refrain during holidays.

· You do not smoke when you wait for somebody or if talk to you.

· You do not smoke if smoke at your presence.

· Before lighting, look for hours, let there will pass two minutes. Gradually increase this time till 15 minutes. Do not smoke more than one cigarette in hour

· Consider how many money you saved since began to smoke less.

Third. Program of gradual disaccustoming.

If to you are not suited the two first a way, then use it - slower, and the simplest. It is even not a method. And, so to speak base. As soon as, you feel that dependence became less - start above-mentioned points.

· Do not drag on. At the same time only 5 - 10% in nicotine get to blood. And at a deep tightening - this figure increases to 95%.

· Smoke a cigarette no more, than on two thirds. So you will save the lungs from destruction. During this period, all harmful substances are absorbed, settle in tobacco and the filter.

· Try to choose cigarettes, with as it is possible the smaller content of nicotine and pitches. To anything strong tobacco.

· You Smoke less. I concretize. Establish the maximum quantity of cigarettes which you should not exceed during the day at all. Otherwise, punish as - nibud yourself. You do not smoke before food and on the run. If you are nervous, try not to smoke in general or as little as possible. And in general, smoke a cigarette only if you are in a quiet psychological and physical state.

Well, here, actually and all … Be not afraid to leave off smoking, it is so simple! Health to you and main thing … of Good luck!!! :)