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Whether to trust dreams? The God`s miracles predicted in a dream.

the Question of reliability of dreams always concerned people. To this day it is possible to find a set of ancient and modern dream books. Execution or non-execution of events communicates them a dream, the maintenance of dreams, Moon phases, an arrangement of planets over time. With interest trying to understand all these artful designs, people, nevertheless, not really - that trust to prophetic predictions .

But there are dreams which consequences turned out so important or obvious and reliable that are recognized as orthodox church by miracles. I read about them in the book of the prelate Nikolay Serbsky God`s Miracles which Russian-language edition appeared this year in Minsk after Filaret`s favoring, the Most eminent Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus.

The reliable events predicted by dreams happened to different people, in the different countries. Dreams warned against daredevil acts, claimed in belief, predicted close death or healing.

In Manzhouli, in the twenties the last century, the bishop Jonah lived and died. Death it is noted by a wonderful event, occurred in a family of the official of East railroad. An event especially remarkable that there was it in the atheist`s family.

The son of the official got sick. Legs were taken away from the boy, and several months he was not mobile. Doctors could not help, parents in despair prepared for death of the child.

Meanwhile, the bishop Jonah passed away on October 7, 1925. On the same day the boy`s mother, having fed the child, left on affairs to the city. Upon return on a threshold of the house she was met by the joyful son with exclamation: Mother, I recovered!

The boy told that he fell asleep and dreamed about the kind person in priestly clothes who asked: What do you lie? Having heard in reply that the reason in sore legs, the person told: Here to you my legs. Take them and go. They are not necessary to me any more .

For the next day when mother took away the child on memorial service for the novoprestavlenny bishop, the son recognized the savior, having seen a face of the deceased lord.

In the given example the miracle happened without additional efforts of people. But sometimes for a fulfillment of a prediction it is necessary to satisfy any conditions.

Dragomir Alexits from the Serbian Kralev in the childhood had a serious illness. Once the stranger who promised healing of the son if he is sprinkled in Zhichsky monastery dreamed mother. Mother did not pay attention to a dream. Then the stranger was in the second and for the third time, reproached the woman and even threatened on her a road staff. Only after this sick child brought to the monastery. While the confessor said a prayer over the boy, he fell asleep, and woke up already healthy.

Sometimes, that performance of the order received in a dream exerts impact on many people. In 1830 on Don in the city of Aksay cholera raged. To one poor townswoman in a dream Blessed Virgin Mary who told that in the country in garbage the icon capable to stop epidemic is dug was. The priest whom the woman addressed first did not believe, but after the repeated phenomenon brought together people and organized excavation in the specified place.

Several days later the icon of the Mother of God was really found. With it cleared and lifted, the course around the city was made Godfathers. Cholera stopped, and the Aksaysky icon of the Mother of God is esteemed as wonder-working till our time.

The Dream - lie, and God - truth - the Serbian proverb says. But many dreams which came true are mentioned in legends. In modern sources of similar cases is described too much. Whether there were they actually? Be defined independently ]