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How to improve reception of the mobile device of the house? Part I, the description of problem

Is categories of people for which their house also is the place of work. And in that case for them it is actual to be always in touch. Wire telephony - a good way of communication, but quite expensive pleasure and not everywhere it is possible to put stationary phone. And without this phone there is also no speech about the full-fledged Internet, options with electric wires are not considered, in this case IP-telephony does not work.

In that case cellular communication comes to the rescue. But also with it sometimes not everything is so smooth. Frequencies at which base stations and mobile devices work are very susceptible to various external influences. We now will also talk about them, it is necessary for understanding of an essence of a problem, before solving a problem, it is necessary to understand and what that should be solved -

1. Suddenly the house " grew;.

As it is paradoxical, but also it happens. Everything was fine how suddenly once communication sharply worsens. The house is very big obstacle through which radio magnetic waves did not learn to pass yet.

2. Repair.

you started capital repairs and enclosed a facade of the house with metal or plastic panels, laid an additional number of bricks or special heaters, applied the tinting film on glasses. All this considerably weakens a signal. Both separately, and in total. Having a consistent reception of a signal from a base station, you can or worsen it to critical level, or to lose in general. It is about communication indoors, far from windows. Toning of a window, of course, too weakens a signal, but will catch about it still.

3. Radio telephone. whether

you Had it that during conversation you were unexpectedly torn off suddenly? Undoubtedly, it happened. In it happen, also usual radio telephones are guilty. The matter is that some of them work in 900 MHz range. The certified radio telephones of hindrances should not bring, or only minimum affect work of cellular communication. But practice often disperses from the theory. Cases when the brought phones so-called " are recorded; Chinese quality exceeded the sanitary standards and norms on use of a frequency resource specified for such class of phone. Also national handymen considerably increase their power that negatively affects operation of mobile devices, not to mention the person.

4. Seasonally - temporary problems.

The matter is that the problems characteristic of radio telephones are inherent also in other household appliances working in 900/1800 range. It is possible to give as an example: remote surveillance cameras which turn on only in certain time, various GSM - modems which can create load of networks of mobile network operators and other unauthorized devices.

can Also influence the level of a signal various weather conditions, such various rainfall: rain, fog, snow; the sun which is also brightly shining and heating the earth can become the reason of deterioration in a signal.

It is only a little bit of what can influence the level and quality of the accepted signal. In the following article we will consider how it is possible to improve communication at home, and also we will consider monetary aspect of the solution of this problem.]