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Whether Stalin revenged Bekhterev for sukhoruky paranoid ?

on December 24, 1927, 80 years ago, stopped Vladimir Mikhaylovich Bekhterev`s heart, the author of fundamental works on anatomy, physiology and pathology, the founder of reflexology. The part of the processes happening in a human body bear a name of this outstanding physician, for example, physiological reflexes of Bekhterev.

Future great doctor was born on January 20, 1857 in a family of the collegiate secretary of Mikhail Pavlovich Bekhterev in the village of Sorali of the Vyatka province (today it bears a name of the great physiologist). So it turned out that the father did not see the younger son, he died from tuberculosis at the age of 38 years several months prior to the child`s birth. This loss for the rest of life remained in Vladimir`s heart. In many respects he also chose the way to save from death people

Cannot tell that the kid was left without care. Mother and two elder brothers tried to pay it more attention. Seniors, for example, learned it to the diploma, the letter, mathematics so by the time of when Vladimir needed to come to a gymnasium, he already knew a lot of things, and the director of educational institution made the decision to define the child prodigy at once in the second class. Though it was distinguished with knowledge from second-graders. And all because while they learned to write and read unpretentious offers, Bekhterev already re-read a half of a home library, and him was attracted to themselves by books on natural sciences, geography, biology. He always wanted to learn more how the person as these or those bodies work is arranged that needs to be done to prolong the term of their work.

Perhaps, Vladimir`s interest in natural sciences the evolutionary theory of Darwin which was just translated into Russian caused more. For the time it was very revolutionary theory over which not only venerable academicians, but also ordinary grammar-school boys could think. This theory caused interest and in other sciences. One, as they say, pulled for itself another.

Bekhterev overcame gymnasia steps quickly, having graduated from educational institution at the age of 16 years. Risked to file documents to Mediko - surgical academy in St. Petersburg. The age qualification could become a serious obstacle, did not admit the listeners who did not reach 17 years to academy. But Bekhterev`s knowledge were so brilliant that for him made an exception.

I will not stop in detail on all biography of Bekhterev, it is enough to allocate the key moments. In 21 years, after the termination of academy, it remains at department for work with the outstanding psychiatrist Ivan Pavlovich Merzheevsky, in 27 years Vladimir Mikhaylovich is sent on training to the best European clinics. In one and a half years he is appointed the head of the department of psychiatry of the Kazan university. It was in July, 1885, and in 1887 the same university is gone to by future leader of the world proletariat. However, Volodya Ulyanov did not study up also to the first session, in December of the same year was expelled from university for participation in a student`s meeting. A mention that before an exception of these loonies drove to the head of the department of psychiatry of Vladimir Bekhterev for survey, I did not find anywhere, but, most likely, at least one - two conversations between them nevertheless were

in the Spring of 1893 Bekhterev began to create in St. Petersburg the first neurosurgical operating room in Russia, then he got to work on the main work of the life - Doctrine Bases about functions of a brain which left in seven volumes.

B 1908 Bekhterev created Psychoneurological institute in St. Petersburg and became his director. After a victory of Bolsheviks, in 1918, he suggested the new authorities to create Institute on studying of a brain and mental activity (later called the State reflexological institute of V. M. Bekhterev on studying of a brain) and headed it.

the Significant contribution to science became Bekhterev`s works on studying of morphology of a brain. It opened kernels and the carrying-out ways in a brain; created the doctrine about the carrying-out ways of a spinal cord and functional anatomy of a brain; established the anatomist - a physiological basis of balance and spatial orientation, found in a cerebral cortex the centers of the movement and secretion of internals etc. of

A now directly about the last day of Vladimir Mikhaylovich Bekhterev`s life - on December 24, 1927. It arrived to Moscow from Leningrad on the I All-Union congress of neuropathologists and psychiatrists on December 21. Next day he gave the report on collective treatment by suggestion and under hypnosis of patients with drug addiction, in particular, alcoholism, and also different types of neurosises.

Next day Bekhterev directed the congress meeting devoted by epilepsy problems. Then, on the same day, visited laboratory of morphology of the central nervous system. Expected it at congress and in the morning on December 23, but Bekhterev did not appear in due time. It arrived in several hours and on a question of colleagues: What happened? muttered: Examined one sukhoruky paranoid .

All for some reason decided that it is companion Stalin, and were terrified to how the outstanding psychiatrist can offend the leader of all people so. It is not excluded that through a quarter of hour became known of the careless phrase of Bekhterev bodies of state security and right there, naturally, she was transferred to the secretary general.

Of course to apply some sanctions to the scientist with a world name moreover publicly, in the face of many colleagues, did not become. But how Vladimir Mikhaylovich planned day, had an idea. In particular, about its visit to Maly Theatre on the performance Lyubov Yarovaya . After Bekhterev`s performance invited in the theatrical museum where there were already a tea and cakes with which treated the guest. Then already at home Vladimir Mikhaylovich felt badly.

In principle, even sharp intestinal infection does not constitute special danger to the person, not intestines work for all as hours. But just in case professor Barmin who was called to Bekhterev prescribed the colleague a bed rest. It was in the morning, on December 24, and in the evening to Vladimir Mikhaylovich it became even worse. This time with professor Burmin there arrived professor Shevinsky and two doctors, Konstantinovsky and Klimenkov. Professors, having conferred, only confirmed the morning diagnosis then said goodbye to the patient. Doctors remained to be on duty for the night.

But Bekhterev did not live even till midnight. His heart stopped at 23 hours 40 minutes. And next morning both in Moscow, and in Leningrad rumors that dealt shortly with Bekhterev " went; sukhoruky paranoid comrade Stalin. The official version of death - poisoning with " canned food; only it forced to be convinced that here everything is dirty. Besides the body of the outstanding scientist was very quickly sent to a crematorium. However, his brain was decided to be kept for history, having charged to pathologists to alcoholize it. Naturally, people who on pain of death would not begin to expatiate on anything did it. During this time poison traces (if it was) quite could collapse.

However, it is one of versions. It has both defenders, and opponents. In particular, the last claim that it is simply impossible to prepare murder thus in one day. And publicly the academician would not begin to call the diagnosis of the leader

In a word, one more mysterious and mysterious death which happened in the country of the won proletariat from time to time. And no merits helped the scientist to be protected from the ruthless punitive machine. And it is a pity, despite age, Vladimir Mikhaylovich was on rise, and about some workaholics and spoke at that time: Ploughs as Bekhterev .]