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Why to put on the person smile? You Know

, there is a miracle! whether you Know

, people meet.

(Zemfira Ramazanova, from the song Webgirl )

Yes this miracle! Two strangers met! On the street, one of them was mistaken number (phone, the apartment or ), in To ICQ . Met. And what`s next? They either will disperse, or will find the general interest. Or interests. If do not disperse earlier!

Each person in modern society has several persons. What usually the person you carry? Look at the crowd passing by. All persons identical. In what their similarity? On them there are no smiles!

Tell, it is pleasant to you to talk to the person who wants to get off you quicker? To me, for example, is not present. But such feeling arises when in conversation of people with you does not smile, and puts on itself a mask of gravity, such efficiencies . With such person there is a wish to finish conversation quicker. What interest to talk to the robot?

My council to all who want to meet only good people. How to find them? Smile! And good people will stretch to you! Smile much! Smile more often! Smile always!

As always? And I have a serious business meeting. There will be serious people! And who told that serious people should not smile? Why it is impossible to do serious things with a smile? It is possible. Also it is necessary! Does not disturb one another.

Here is how describes one of such business meetings independent marketing - the consultant Dag Hall. He advises such companies as The Cook - " Coca; Prokter and Gembel Nike and about fifty more others, level not below.

I was invited to a seminar on business - to consultation to Amsterdam. Having successfully read lecture and being going to leave the building business - the center, I unexpectedly received the invitation to reception of Her Majesty, queen of the Netherlands which took place in the same building. It was impossible to refuse and I in what was, in a fashionable shirt and jeans, proceeded for the door-keeper.

I here, having turned out among tuxedos and evening dresses, all these people who looked at me as on a monkey in a zoo, I became puzzled! For the first time!

Ya made a serious face, tried to apologize and filtered some jokes. Instead of winning, I tried not to lose! And I lost! I became reserved more and more, than more and stronger amused the dear public .

With despair unnaturally smiled. Then burst out laughing! Unnaturally, giggling and hokhoky, literally squeezing out from itself sounds. Also the miracle came true!

Gloomy faces in crowd at first began to smile then then, snickers were heard there, then some laughed loudly. Cheerfully, infectiously, fervently!

Came to an end it in the fact that I was just physically tired to sign autographs. I terminated all business cards. And the queen Beatrice with the spouse, having warmly said goodbye to me, told: As if we wanted to be similar to you - wild Americans .

Ya I will never forget this lesson!

Smile! Just smile even to strangers. If you speak by phone - smile! Your voice will sound more kindly. More convincingly! If you you are knocked to someone in To ICQ put the smiling smilie and ask I do not disturb? . I assure you - refusals will not be. And if is why to you to communicate with the gloomy, not liking to smile person? In today`s world of rudeness, roughness and affected efficiencies politeness and a smile as a sun beam - warms.

And if to you it is sad? Smile! Even if it is tense, with a great effort. And now look at yourself in a mirror. And you lighten yourself mood.

And if you have problems? Smile! And you will find the fast and correct solution of all the problems. Also will solve them easier and more cheerful!

You want to meet good people? Smile!

Also the miracle will come true!

Too will smile to you in reply!]