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How to increase sexual endurance?

the Internet dazzle with various offers which are successfully parasitizing on human (in particular - man`s) complexes: from a miracle - drugs, to promises to increase length of the member. Of course, if still it is possible to believe in the first, the second - is definitely not possible. It only, so to speak, lyrical digression. And put here in what: on my box letters regularly come with offers, I quote: to increase quality of sex, having achieved extension of sexual intercourse up to 40 minutes... And everything that it is necessary to make - to buy from them a pack of tablets! Only del! Of course, I was also not going to buy from them something, but became interested, as well as any healthy man whether what is described in advertizing is possible. I spent for searches less than two hours and I can already declare with all authoritativeness: simply tablets not to manage here. So, here sposoby:1) Regular charging, run, sports activities is, undoubtedly, the easiest and reliable way. Another thing is that regular - means everyday. Not all will have enough will power and patience. 2) So-called exercises of Kegel. It the exercises training the personal computer - muscles which you use for an urination stop. To define them, just try to interrupt process of an urination and you will be able easily to find them. Now uprazhneniya:a) Fast reductions. b) You strain them, a three-second delay, you weaken. c) Pushing out: potuzhtes as at a defekation. The first week of 15 times, five times a day. Plus 5 exercises every week. It is so necessary to do you will not reach to 30 yet. And there already support of a tone. 3) To delay testicles down before an ejaculation. Never itself did, and I do not represent how it is possible to make something similar during sexual intercourse. But on the Internet speak about high efficiency of this method. 4) Compression of either a penis tip, or a root on an ejaculation threshold 2 fingers from below and big from above. 5) Use of special condoms. The problem is in what they can dull feeling both the guy, and the girl. At me, in any case, was quite so. 6) Ways of Blacks : to spread a penis head with a crumpled mint chewing gum is, so to speak, the local anesthesia dulling sensitivity. There is still a set of the ways based both on breath, and on representation of the pictures far from sex. That is at the last minute we think of something unpleasant, and the ejaculation does not occur. This way did not help with my case. I hope that the list of these main ways will appear to somebody useful and this somebody will get from here knowledge by means of which he will be able to give pleasure to and to darling. Personally I stopped the choice on points one and two and is quite happy with results. What and to you I wish.