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Whether there is in general a sense in growth of technologies?

Fantasts still when dreamed that development of technology will reach unprecedented heights. Now this development reached such heights about what fantasts not that did not dream, and could not even expect. But whether much it gave to people?

First of all, technologies at all the gloss are inaccessible. In Russia less than one tenth population use the Internet. And my mother still its sense did not master. She even cannot deal with the audio system. Each teenager dreams of the newest and fancy model of the mobile phone, and the people often go with any second-hand articles, I really have acquaintances at whom still Siemens of C35. In shops there are brand new washing machines, and the people even in Moscow often wash clothes hands in a bathtub or a basin. At someone in the apartment still costs some Rubin or Record plasma panels and flat screens for them are less real, than the Fog Andromedy. It is necessary to tell, I remember time when for me laser a compact - disks were the same science fiction. The middle 90 - x, and I still twisted cartridges and even plates. Yes, the mechanical sound carrier constructed still by Edison. And in general problems at us the same that at rotten tsarism - hunger, poverty, unemployment...

Even old Siemens meets modern standards of mobile communication. And new fancy models have only more opportunities to have a good time with their help. Yes, still the school student with the brand new mobile phone which to it was bought by the cool father can drench with ice contempt of the boy from rather poor family to which mother gave the old mobile phone... In general, can before filling up shops with very expensive novelties, we will achieve that the Internet appeared in apartments of disabled people who cannot go to look for communication that laptops or a PDA became available not only to the rich, but also capable school students? That the registratorsha in policlinic found information necessary to us in the database instead of that to futbolit on offices...

Ustrugatsky heroes storm the Universe, counting a course nearly on office schyota with bones. Consider curves on paper tapes. What to them would be to learn that at us heavy-duty computers and the Internet are used for such nonsense what directly - is a shame before fantasts who so hoped for technical progress?

And new superweapon! Whether there is on Earth such enemy against whom it is necessary to apply him? Precisely our governments expect a landing from the Pole Star. The weapon so many that any terrorist organization, any gangster gang can go to a market and buy it much. And then to kill innocent people. Foreign policy of the USA, the local conflicts of any tribes in Africa - if not the weapon, blood would be less, at least. And still still large powers aim at each other a frightening nuclear arsenal. Same certain death for millions of people! It is clear, that by means of this weapon of the power also expect to make big destructions of civil objects and destruction of resources of the country - the opponent that survived were doomed to death for hunger and cold. What people who seriously make such plans are? It unless people in general?

And then, you know, wars are won not by(with) the weapon. They are won by people. Still in 2 - yu World war Germans did not know that to them with their powerful military production to oppose to our pilots among whom there were often very young girls, on small biplanes On - 2, developed more than in 10 years prior to war. On - the 2nd Germans called night ghost black death .

And creators of modern blockbusters operate an image of the pilot - the veteran who pulls out the old airplane from a shed and wins on it jet supersonic " Phantoms;. And about it it is even more animated cartoons. And anime. Claus Barka flies to Last Exile on a vanshipa. Vanship is kustarno the manufactured aircraft, to fly on it - occupation for courageous and strong people. A riveted covering, hummock management, a steering wheel axis on the soldering which easily can break. This thingummy approximately as the fighter 1 - y World flies. And the Guild flies by perfect fighting vehicles which have a tremendous maneuverability, they are run by computers, they have a laser system of targeting, the power weapon. And on a vanshipa two machine guns using the fulfilled steam from the engine. And 200 cartridges in a holder. And here on vanship on which Claus carried small Alvis Hamilton two such devices attacked. Claus left them while could, turned aside from their fire, and he was only 16 years old. And then made maneuver which in power only to the real experts - dumped additional fuel tanks, then cleaned gas, and they departed to attack planes up. That is they as if fell much more slowly than its vanship. And it shot them the remained cartridges, they exploded, and attack planes scattered on pieces.

And the cruiser of Guild were considered in general as invincible. Any ship did not decide to engage with this frightening car similar to a huge cross with two fluttering tails - pennants - it would incinerate it right there the power guns. But the young pilot Michael Wensdei at own risk developed special tactics of attack of the gildiansky ship of a vanshipama. It found the fallen gildiansky ship and the group began to train, over and over again flying with it on vanshipa in the ship. And here when the Guild opposed the risen fleet of the admiral Madseyn, from decks of dreadnoughts to it hundreds of small brisk vanship towards flew up. Front lines beat out armor glasses of cabins torpedoes, vanshipa flew in cruisers, reached compartments where there were reactors, and dumped jet torpedoes. Then punched to themselves torpedoes an exit, took off outside, and the gildiansky ships blew up and scattered in dust. Losses of vanship were minimum. While the difference of technologies of Anatole and Gildii was huge.

And so I ask - whether so these technologies if they are not capable to replace the PERSON are necessary?]