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How it is correct to pick up the hairdresser? French tell

: If you Want to change yourself, then change the hairdress .

As it is frequent, following a sincere rush, we come into the first salon, we sit down in a chair and we say: Cut me beautifully, fashionably. I want to change . The master begins to conjure with our head and when finishes, the lump drives to a throat - expectations were not met, some other person who to you is not nice at all looks at you from a mirror. I wanted not so, I told you - beautifully, I wanted slightly - to truncate slightly length of hair and to change a form! What the master quietly answers you: It is the most fashionable hairstyle, you one such in the city, to you very much goes . Familiar situation?

So to do? In - the first, pay attention into what salon you come, communicate to the administrator, ask which of masters he will advise. Not always the stylist who perfectly cuts your acquaintances will be able to please you. Because you have hair of other invoice, length etc. Most often each hairdresser is qualified on certain hairstyles, he can carry out faultlessly hairstyles, let us assume, on short and average hair, and long - not his path. To the contrary, there are masters specializing in hairstyles for long hair.

In - the second, it is not necessary to elect the master proceeding from his appearance, conforming to the rule: If it has a fine hairstyle, then and it will cut me well . His head was put in order by fellow workers, but not he as to cut themselves, well it is very inconvenient, I will tell on own experience. And as still speak: The shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod therefore existence of a stylish kuafyura on the head does not speak about skill.

In - the third, all people different, and hair at us different, at someone soft and obedient, at someone rigid and sticking out, dense or rare etc. You recognize always from what you have by nature: what growth of hair, what their ability to laying. Never at you will be the same hairstyle, as in the magazine on the picture.

Because models for magazines choose very carefully, with special structure, the invoice and growth of hair. Then the stylist or the whole team works several hours on creation of this masterpiece, using various laying means. The professional - the photographer does a series of pictures, chooses from them one, the most successful. All thanks, all are free, the model tries to wash up an hour more the head, and all magic on it comes to an end. And we think that everything is so simple: the skillful master made a hairstyle, you washed the head, stirred up hair - and everything as it is necessary, any cares, continuous beauty.

The visit of beauty shop needs to be planned carefully, you have to have time in a stock. To run in a lunch break to make a beautiful hairstyle it is possible only to the familiar for a long time master who knows your hair and a form of a hairstyle as the. If is not present, then at you in a stock has to be, at least, an hour one and a half. The competent stylist has to hold consultation with you, make diagnostics of hair, find out that you want to receive as a result what form, what length, as you will set hair subsequently. And only after that to start directly a hairstyle.

In operating time be not afraid to ask the master that he does, you watch closely what occurs in a mirror, and that you risk not to recognize as a result the one whom you will see there. Often the master begins to talk in riddles: Here we will make a graduirovochka, here a filirovochka, then a poyting we will walk, and we will finish on dry . We think: Professional! So many words know! . Words - not the main thing! Professionalism consists in correctly picked up form of a hairstyle which will suit you in all respects.

If nevertheless as a result you are not really happy, safely speak about it. Perhaps it is possible to improve situation. You in the right not to pay for work if it does not suit you.

Successful to you changes!]