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How to support an exotic animal in house conditions? Python. We can read

In short encyclopedic data that pythons treat a subfamily of snakes, family of boas. Length of a body reaches 10 - 12 m, maximum - at a mesh python. 22 species of pythons live in tropics and subtropics of East hemisphere. The large individuals living in the wild nature can swallow entirely jackals, young boars, etc. Attack the person seldom. The tiger python is included in the Red List.

Snakes in general are considered as very beautiful animals, not without reason at many people of a dragon are a symbol of beauty and wisdom. And opinion that they - vile, wet and slippery - it is absolutely wrong. All who get to themselves snakes, are convinced of it.

If to touch them and to stroke, then you with surprise and pleasure feel what it is pleasant beings, and all that negative that it is accepted to tell about snakes, only fiction and slander, and they actually not slippery and not wet, and just very much - very smooth, gentle and brilliant, and especially not vile, and very much even darlings. And at the same time from them quite notable positive energy extends!

The most widespread kinds of boas who can be got for house contents are royal and tiger pythons. They are beautiful and elegant. But it is even more beautiful - their fellow, a tiger python - an albino. Albinos are individuals who from the birth have no protective pigmentation.

Such phenomenon when there is no coloring of skin, a hair and an iris of the eye of eyes, occurs among all animals, and also at the person. But if at the person it looks not absolutely esthetically, then the python - an albino can boast the, extraordinary beauty of appearance and dandyish is bright - yellow, brilliant skin.

So such exclusive handsome a python - the albino turns out in view of a freak of nature. In the wild nature such boas - albinos cannot live as owing to lack of protective coloring would be doomed to death in the early childhood, having fallen prey of predators or birds. Safe existence for them is possible only in artificial habitat - in nurseries, zoos, and in house terrariums. From - for their extraordinary beautiful skin even learned to remove artificially, and such individuals are in great demand at fans of reptiles.

It is better to support these original exotic animals in the special terrariums supplied with additional heating. It is necessary also that at boas water availability was obligatory. It can be pools or drinking bowls of any forms and the sizes. In a terrarium it is necessary to place enough horizontally located branches to bring closer habitat to natural.

For keeping of all boas high humidity of air - to 90% is necessary. For humidity maintenance the terrarium should be sprayed twice a day and whenever possible to establish the pool as far as the terrarium sizes allow. Temperature condition of contents has to fluctuate from 26 - 28 C in the afternoon to 23 C at night. The source of heating is the best of all to arrange over one of branches on which boas could be heated. Temperature of heating has to be to 35 C.

Snakes are sluggish and as though are phlegmatic, but their force, wisdom, and goodwill also consists in it. That`s it - goodwill. They will never rush all of a sudden - they as if consider the actions, slowly. And someone from angry people thought up comparison: looks how a snake meaning their stone look. Secret here that snakes simply - naprosto, have no century and eyes do not blink and are not closed so they should sleep with open eyes.

What is interesting - small children, and lips of the baby especially love snakes, as they say, the truth speaks. When I worked as the consulting physician in nursery of exotic animals, I often asked the children visiting nursery together with the parents: Well, who was pleasant to you more? And most of children answered with enthusiastic aspiration: Snakes! in spite of the fact that it was still full of the most different and interesting animals there.

And eyes at them at the same time and burned. Their mothers and fathers not always decided to touch a snake. Cautiously, and sometimes and with disgust they looked at snakes. Children delayed hands pleasure, without being afraid at all. What is it? Probably, all the matter is that the head of children is not stuffed by ordinary stereotypes therefore they perceive the world such what it is, without biases yet, and a dragon - such what they are - beautiful, graceful, flexible, beautiful creatures.

Sluggish in the actions, nonpoisonous pythons - boas can be, however, unexpectedly fast and prompt. What it is worth seeing a scene of their hunting. When to them give up production into a terrarium - for example, a rat or a rabbit, at first the python fades on the place. Then it is slowly developed towards the victim, - sharp, lightning attack, and already the victim fights in the hard rings twisted around her body.

Having snatched, the python at once snaps at the victim for the head that that did not escape and, having twisted around it with two - three elastic rings, begins to smother. On each exhalation of the victim - a rabbit or a rat, killing embraces contract more and more closely. It at it is resulted by paralysis of the respiratory center, and she perishes. Rabbits and rats is the main food of boas and pythons in bondage.

Having convinced that production is dead, the python begins to swallow slowly and gradually it, since the head. Its mouth is opened wide widely - widely, the throat and a neck stretch as a rubber pipe, and it slowly, but surely begins to stretch, literally, on the production. On all process no more than twenty minutes leave.

To give to reptiles dead production to prevent the act of suffocation and torture of the victim, it is useless Snakes do not show any interest in the cooled-down body. Already slaughtered animals the snake is will not become since the corpse has no infrared (thermal) radiation which - that just and serves a weak-sighted reptile as a signal to attack. Having gorged on, the full python is turned in a cozy hard spiralka and settles more conveniently for digestion.

In the wild nature the periods between meals at snakes can vary very much. If production was quite large then till the following lunch can pass both three weeks, and month, and in the conditions of house contents it is recommended to feed snakes of times in two weeks. It is necessary to remember that the speed of digestion of food at snakes depends on ambient temperature: at high temperature snakes use bigger quantity of a forage and in shorter terms. For example, the python two and a half meters long at 28 C digests food of 4 - 5 days, at 22 C - seven days, and at 18 C more than fifteen days.

Periodically all reptiles fade, updating the clothes from time to time. Young people, the growing snakes fade approximately once a month - it is and it is clear, they grow and as the children who are gradually growing up from the dresses and panties have to update the clothes. Dragons are more senior fade less often. It depends on a number of conditions - from age and the size of a snake, from a surrounding situation. Someone from them changes skin of times in two - three months, someone - time in half a year.

And whether you know that the snakeskin dumped during a molt brings good luck? And moreover - money? At east and southern people dealing with snakes it is considered that those small scales - cells of which if to look narrowly, and the snakeskin consists represent coins, money.

Before a molt of a dragon it is very apathetic. Lies, having been curtailed and as though listening to the internal feelings. Her appearance considerably changes - skin becomes faded, dim, on it there are folds, wrinkles, it dries up. And there comes the moment when the snake simply - naprosto creeps out of the skin, as from a stocking.

But instead of old, on it - shining, bright, new dress, and a transparent top layer - epidermis or on - national - vypolzok it is necessary to lie a dry stocking. And if to cut off or tear off a piece of it " stocking; and to put in a purse, it is considered that it attracts good luck and money. It should be carried with itself everywhere. I have such beautiful, pleasant rag, and at you?]