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What to do if cancer followed ways?

It seemed to it that doctors are cruel and make the incorrect diagnosis. Somewhere there had to be someone who really knows how to treat her a disease. Pain was almost not as there was also no belief in wisdom of doctors. And the last were relentless: Only to cut. Otherwise it is impossible. Cancer does not suffer mercy

Dear women! (And those to whom they are dear.) Today the width of distribution of breast cancer shakes worldwide. The illness crept away and everywhere takes the killing root. Cancer became a terrible echo of our negligent attitude to the nature and to own life. Even stresses and the concealed offenses, so not rare for us are only ways of cultivation of cancer cells.

Please, remember: NEVER, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES (forgive for shout and repetitions, but it is really important because it can save your life!) It is IMPOSSIBLE to POSTPONE VISIT TO the DOCTOR!!! Cancer cannot be cured folk remedies! Moreover, its development cannot even be suspended folk remedies!

Not goat milk, not a dogrose, not the grandma - the sorcerer, and the doctor - the professional! There are no two ways about it. Though, is, but it does not conduct to life. Remember, cancer is not a sentence, but an illness which usually comes absolutely unexpectedly.

Here the short list of what should be avoided if you do not wish to learn too in detail about a terrible breast cancer tumor:

1. Sharp blows in a breast. Breast injuries.

In life happens everyone. The pilferer attacked. Selected a handbag, struck in a breast. How after that not to go to the doctor for check?

2. Life in the area with an adverse ecological situation.

Is terrible if in an oncological clinic all from one street and near your house plant on processing of a selenorenotaburchatina. And it is even more terrible if you make this selenorenotaburchatina and you save on ecology.

3. Stress.

Even if itself is quiet as fish (well, give though dream, it is fine), someone from your environment all the same takes everything very much to heart. (In this case it is always more useful to begin with itself, and from others it is simpler.) Look narrowly and understand. (Yes, and about yourself do not forget!)

4. Addictions. you do not want to leave off smoking

? And you know what to the child whose mother is suffering from cancer?

5. Harmful .

In your environment is those with whom you are very dissatisfied? They are really so awful?! Urgently change an environment! Well or.

The main thing, remember: if cancer, as soon as possible on operation. Do not leave harmful cages in yourself. Do not give life to them and you will live. Cancer does not deprive of the person of the most important in it. The diseased can love and itself to give love.

And still. It is possible not to drink, not to smoke and not to love, and with cancer everything is to meet. The instruction how to avoid this evil, it is not given to any person on the earth. (By the way, it is not recommended not to love strictly - the breast is extremely sensitive to performances of hormones.) Your desire to recover is capable to mobilize the most hidden resources of an organism. It + experience of the doctor = miracle. (And unless life is not a miracle?!)

It at last arrived home. We waited for it the whole month. Already behind operation and radiation. The main thing - to see in time a doctor. Belief, Nadezhda and Lyubov together work wonders, remember it. We will cure cancer! Medicine only one - desire to live! ]