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What medical myths are trusted even by doctors?

the Modern world is flooded with numerous myths and the semi-truths. In the majority harmless. But when even doctors trust in medical myths, perhaps, time to reflect seriously came. And some scientists reflected.

Last issue of the authoritative medical magazine British Medical Journal it is devoted to a subject of banal medical delusions, starting with the myth that it is necessary to drink up to 8 glasses of water a day, and finishing a postulate that reading in the dark harms sight.

Scientists are anxious that even doctors blindly trust in medical myths and feed with them the patients. Quite often to these myths also mass media as refer to the well-known scientific facts. And consumers of mass media trust both the printing word, and air is unconditional. Chain reaction of a formation of myths.

Now time to you came, dear readers to register in reception to the doctor and to check personally whether he believes that:

Myth 1. We use only 10% of the brain.

Facts. In general this statement is attributed mistakenly to Albert Einstein. Modern researches of a brain by method of a computer tomography, magnitno - resonant and other methods did not find in a human brain of inactive cages and nonfunctioning neurons. This myth arose in early 90th years, among perfectionists, probably, for the purpose of the proof that the person did not reach the highest potential yet. In confirmation of dethronement of this myth says also that other human bodies work with full loading.

Myth 2. It is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Facts. the Conducted researches showed that there is no medical need to consume such amount of water. Probably, this myth arose in 1945 from recommendations of National Council of Nutritionists of the USA to consume 8 glasses of liquid a day. Gradually liquid turned into water . And the fruit and vegetables consisting also of liquid in general ceased to be considered.

Myth 3. Nails and hair continue to grow after death.

Facts. Some doctors allegedly observed this phenomenon after death of the person. However on a mature reasoning, it cannot be because can never be. Here that really happens. After death skin of the person begins to be dried up, become thinner and to shrink promptly. Effect of a pebble-leather. On this background nails just look more outstanding. The same happens also to hair, roots of hair even as if rise a hedgehog over a scalp. The carried-out measurements completely disprove this myth.

Myth 4. The shaved hair grow quicker both thicker and dark.

Facts. This myth was discredited in 1928 by practical consideration. At different people shaved strips of head skin and compared growth rates and quality of again growing and escaped hair. Not so long ago repeated researches once again confirmed this fact and offered a scientific explanation for this delusion. The matter is that the shaved hair sprouts from follicles the acute shaved angle. Further this corner becomes a hair tip, wears out and becomes thinner, and even breaks. And new hair more dark seem because they were not exposed to clarification under the influence of sunshine.

Myth 5. Reading at twilight light destroys sight.

Facts. Scientists did not find any confirmations to this myth. Reading in darkness can cause only the bigger tension of an eye and temporary easing of sharpness of sight, but after small rest these phenomena completely disappear.

Myth 6. The food from meat of a turkey causes drowsiness .

Facts. the Researchers making experiment on a myth denial also were under its influence as chemical the tryptophane which is contained in meat of a turkey really causes drowsiness and slackness. But, as it appeared, in his turkey contains at all no more, than in beef or chicken meat. And the myth, most likely, was born because of what a turkey is usually eaten on holidays, and at the holiday table people, as a rule, overeat and take alcoholic beverages. Both of these factors also result in the increased drowsiness.

Myth 7. Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals.

Facts. Still does not know any case of death connected with influence of the mobile phone on work of the hospital equipment. The interference of frequencies of the mobile phone in operation of medical devices is revealed only in 4% from hundred percent of units of equipment. And that only at distance in 70 cm of direct proximity to the device. The experiments made this year in number of 350 tests did not find any interference in 75 hospital rooms. On the contrary, the doctors using mobile phones raised the medical indicators thanks to improvement of communicative opportunities and consequently, avoided big mistakes from - for delay.

When medical experts as experiment were acquainted with the exposing facts, many of them concerned them with big mistrust. Physicians, as well as all of us, are subject to thinking stereotypes. Errare humanum est.

However the fact that being acquainted with scientific experimental statistics gives hope, doctors nevertheless changed the opinion in favor of scientific proofs and immediately refused the delusions in favor of science.

In this article I concerned only medical myths. And how many still spheres of our life it is surrounded with a half-truth and pseudoscientific baizes. In New - York, for example, 85% of the population continue to believe that the sewer system under the city is flooded by huge alligators. Moscow has the urbanistic myths connected with the subway too.

However, the fact that the mankind nevertheless gradually leaves wrong judgments thanks to achievements in the scientific world is optimistical. We need only to thank scientists for their efforts in this work.

Last 2007 brought us, thanks to these researches, removal of a ban on use of mobile phones in hospitals, and all breathed sigh of relief as the mobile phone became for us as if continuation of a hand. Even cases of developing of depressions at the people deprived of cellular communication are known.

The credulous people will cease to have a shave bare, we will not nabulkivatsya more by water for fear of dehydration, and we will drink when it it wants to us. We will not begin to overeat on Indyushkin Den we will safely read in darkness and we will get rid, at last, of an inferiority complex for our allegedly dozing brain.

Yes, also do not forget to register in reception to the doctor. Derive pleasure.]