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What does advertizing hide? The truth about detergents.

Advertising, as we know, trade engine. And its purpose - to show only production merits, holding back minuses. About what, for example. Fairey`s producers held back? It is advertized as very economic and easily deleting fat means. We tried - this is true. Fat easily is removed from ware, both in hot, and in cold water. Advertizing does not deceive the consumer in this case. Time it such economic why Fairey is not used in preschool and educational institutions? Interviews on a chamber did not give us, but in private conversation the specialist of the center of hygiene and epidemiology told that this detergent did not pass the examination, it is only necessary for children safe and last sanitarno - epidemiological norms means.

Other minus of Fairey was unexpected. After washing of ware at twenty-two-year-old Veronika the terrible allergy began, hands became covered by blisters and sores.

Veronika. I even went to the dermatologist - he told me that it is an allergy to Fairey, more I do not wash with this means. I am afraid.

As became clear, it is not an isolated case, and not individual intolerance of any components of this means for washing of ware. Natalya, the manicurist, listens to complaints from clients with enviable constancy.

Natalya Habarova. Manicurist. Sometimes my clients complain that at them nails exfoliate or hands rough that no creams help. We deliberate from what it can be, and often we come to a conclusion that from detergents.

If to be objective, then many of means for washing of ware - anyway, have the minuses and pluses. One means is long washed away from plates, another - deletes fat with great difficulty, after half-hour vigil over a frying pan. And the washing ability of production remains the main criterion at the choice, nevertheless. We decided on small experiment. By the simple analysis, more precisely, than survey conducted in shops and in the market we found out that is more often than others buy by Fairey, AOS and Sorti. Over them we will also conjure

. Let`s try to remove fat in cold water. Each of these means promises us easily and without serious consequences to make it.

Veronika washed the dishes serially everyone washing sredstvo and here that at it turned out. There now, in principle, Fairey coped with the task, hear how the plate creaks. Aos too - a pure plate, Sorti - well can slightly worse, but too quite good. Let`s give Feyri and AOS on five points, and Sorti - five with minus.

After the made experiment, Veronika wished to all hostesses to wash the dishes only in gloves, or in the dishwasher. And hands will be beautiful, and nerves whole, and ware pure!]