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When in Samara the first transport appeared?

More haste less speed. If now do not pay attention to this saying, then many years ago it was, on - a last resort, the motto of all drivers. Slowly the first trams, trolleybuses went, motorists did not arrange races, being afraid to run over the gaper - the passerby or to crush someone`s chicken. What to say yes, these cars could dream of high speeds only. For example, the first tram on the last legs could squeeze out at most 25 kilometers per hour.

The first tram left from tramvayno - trolleybus management on February 25, 1915. Together with it on rails there were 4 more trams. Residents of Samara did not pay for the first trip kopeks.

the First tram was made of plywood and is very inconvenient. The biggest inconvenience was tested by the driver. Especially in the winter. The closed cabin and even a seat it was not necessary to it therefore the motorman wholly could enjoy all whims of the nature.

the First tram connected tram depot on field to Alekseevskaya Square, nowadays - Revolution Square. For the first day of work of the tram the revenue made 300 rubles. The ticket at the same time cost 3 kopeks. The tram commission used part of money for purchase of new cars and opening of new routes.

So far the tram gained steam, there is more and more street of Samara zapolonyalis cars. Historians still argue who possessed the first car. Argue, and do not come to a consensus.

Facts really inconsistent. The unshakable legend of the first Samara car consisted efforts of one of local fans of history of equipment of V. Nikitin in Samara of his articles begun in 1979.

It looks so: the local merchant, the amateur artist and the owner of art and paper stationery shop on Panskaya became the first Samara motorist in July, 1904 (sovr. Leningrad) Konstantin Pavlovich Golovkin Street, bought for 3 500 rubles. German " car; Opel . He received it from a train platform at the railway station. Despite all efforts of Golovkin and the Zhigulyovsk beer factory of A. F. sent him to the help by the owner a background - Vakano of the mechanic H. F. Ilyasov, the motor was not brought to 10 hp. Konstantin Pavlovich offered a quarter of vodka to that at whom it will turn out to start the engine. 2 hefty loaders got down to business, after long attempts the motor started working, and the automatic crew went with passengers across Samara. Passable across Moskatelnoy (sovr. L. Tolstoy) the street near liqueur - vodka distillery (sovr. JSC Spring ) the car frightened horses in the yard. The horses loaded with production of the enterprise incurred. Vehicles collided, boxes with bottles fell from carts. The next day on the basis of the application of the owner of plant the account for losses which the chief of police yielded to Golovkin was drawn up.

In the cellar Kurlina`s mansion (branch of the Samara museum of local lore of P. V. Alabin) you will be shown by photos of this car with its proud owner, once again will retell this legend.

But, postoyta... If Golovkin dissected on the car, frightening hens and horses in 1905, then from where in old newspapers the fact that already in 1903, that is two years before, in Samara recorded several petrol cars undertook?

But historians precisely know when on streets of our city such type of transport as the trolleybus appeared. November 6, 1942.

in Only 4 months on streets Kuybyshevskoy and Lev Tolstoy were protyanutykontaktny wires, and, as support even facades of buildings were used. Builders for forty hours remained on towers, despite of cold, a night darkness, feverishly worked to keep the promise - to open the movement by the holiday - opening of a new type of Kuibyshev transport was dated for day 25 - y anniversaries of October.

GLEB ALEKSUSHIN ISTORIK: The trolleybus became one of deposits to a victory of our Homeland in the Great Patriotic War.

Can be argued and spoken to

infinitely about the first means of transport in Samara. There were still first coachmen, carriers, the first horse tram, the first bus, the first minibus, the first taxi History is capable to surprise and strike with the scope. And to whom as not to us to restore it on particles, to take its fancy delicacy from a subsoil of memory of the Samara edge, to accept history such what it is and just to love it.]