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Rulyada from a chicken. How to prepare it?

In each family are dishes which prepare, generally only for holidays. Even not because it is expensive but because on their preparation a lot of time which, as a rule, is never enough is necessary.

I remember in the childhood when in shops nothing was on sale and if something and was, then there were always huge turns, for all holidays (and not only) mother prepared a rulyada from chicken. This gentle chicken roll will not be compared to anything!

Passed many years. Now in shops counters burst with abundance of products, and it is possible to buy a lot of tasty. But all the same, dishes which you will prepare itself with love for darlings - the most tasty!

I love the chicken made in the different ways: fried, boiled, stewed, baked, a shish kebab from chicken. There is a set of recipes according to which it is possible to prepare very tasty, various and beautiful chicken dishes on any, even the most refined, taste.

In this article I want to tell how to prepare very tasty and gentle roll. Several times I bought a rulyada from chicken in shops, I always order at restaurants, but never it will be compared to taste and tenderness to that which you will prepare.

So, we will try to prepare it together? we Take

big broiler chicken, we wash and we cut it on a breast. Then we try to separate bones from meat. Now at me it turns out to do it quickly, in comparison with the first time, but a lot of time and nerves all the same leaves. Here the main thing not to become hysterical! Then on all carcass of chicken evenly we smooth with

meat, slightly we beat off a chopper for meat, we salt, we pepper, it is possible to add a little bit some garlic (though I never add) and we leave to become impregnated.

We take 4 eggs, we break, we separate the whites from the yolks. We beat a nimbus in plentiful foam separately whites and separately yolks. We heat a frying pan and we bake pancakes: 2 of whipped whites and 2 of the shaken-up yolks. It will be a stuffing of our roll.

We spread pancakes on chicken, we strew with tinned green peas, long pieces of carrots and - we turn roll. We wrap it in a gauze and we tie up. We place roll in a pan of the corresponding size, in the boiling added some salt water so that roll was completely covered with water. We cook 40 minutes.

Here practically and all. We get roll from a pan and we put it for cooling under a press. At me usually it turns out for the night... And next morning you are waited by a remarkable rulyada from a chicken.

Bon appetit!]