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How to get acquainted on the Internet?

to Write reflections on acquaintances in worldwide network I was moved by the next bitter experience of my old friend. I write next because on the Internet she tries to get acquainted with an enviable regularity, and result every time not just sad, and depressing. I give here the mechanism on which she acts and every time comes to grief.

It has Internet access of house. Somehow polaziv in its computer, I found out that in bookmarks in To the Opera it has continuous dating sites, even the homepage opens on such website. And here the girlfriend on all these dating sites of a pozapolnyal of the questionnaire, but... everything is identical, and questionnaires, it it should be noted, walk from one website on another, and guys see the same hackneyed copy. One more moment - a photo which it inserts - not it though it nice, - and girls of model appearance.

It turns out that from first seconds of communication of the potential boyfriend waits for deception (which will be found at a meeting. And at the same meeting examinations, a gda that beauty begin with the website and why instead of it the ordinary little girl came). Ania, my friend, as well as many others, the Internet and just the " computer so call; sucks in so that she sits up to 3 - 4 o`clock in the morning and periodically gives such mistakes, remembering which ceases to sob from - for next a foul. For example, when the gentleman asked it to describe in more detail himself, she with a speed of which it was only capable, hammered the answer of the " type into the letter; hair are dark, eyes brown, average height... . All nothing, only from the photo of its questionnaire at the man was watched by the magnificent high long-legged blue-eyed blonde... Plus, without having had a sleep half of night, in the morning the girlfriend looks, without looking on any make-up tricks, to put it mildly, not really presentably and feels after the next vigil obviously not ready to real acquaintances.

Now several words about the content of communication. Of course, on hackneyed phrases far you will not leave. And they, these phrases, are felt! But tell on favor as to do without them if in the list of contacts not less than 50 guys also constantly appear new (in the questionnaire the taaaky blonde, by you will not pass!), and all these new children every time ask old questions which too, undoubtedly, copy from the letter in the letter. Here also the vicious circle turns out. There is exit, of course. To answer everyone separately. But patience for this purpose should be had - oho - go! (in the questionnaire the blue-eyed blonde!) .

How to be with the choice of the guy, which approaches ? Well, to whom that it is necessary. Ania looks for big love, and Ania is looked for to part on... Especially revolted her when three men came to a meeting and quietly explained that all of them with it will have enough place and they will change. As she got away from them, itself still does not understand and does not remember, legs so quickly ran. It is dangerous result the Internet - acquaintances. And here one more. The guy, gentle such wrote to it somehow, she thought, well at last, the virgin - the romantic, or at the worst, just the romantic got. Not here - that was! It came to a meeting. Behind runs up to it, turns to itself and at once passionately kisses, putting in parallel in hands flowers, the girl as it became clear, nonconventional.

What with Ania was not, but what I heard about. Happen in the man`s Network which create the questionnaire, put a photo of the handsome - the actor, get acquainted and then in the course of conversation learn where there lives a girl, then say that type arrive from the distant countries on rest, and there is no place to live. The girl, understanding that she can be, this is her future wealthy groom and her future in general, hurries to the airport, and at this time the rogue plunders her apartment.

But something I all about sad. I got acquainted with the husband on the website. I will not describe the history, but I was just lucky. I was without questionnaire, just chose for some reason the guy, the second for the list, and without photo, and wrote to it SMS (in its questionnaire there was phone) will get acquainted with the offer. And further... Well just we appeared even not two boots - couple, and two boots on one leg. So do not despair, and on the Internet there can be your destiny too.]