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Whether the academician Pavlov could be a prototype of professor of Preobrazhenskoye?

This will not begin to kick with a leg, but also is afraid of nobody, but is not afraid because it is eternally full. It brainwork mister, with a cultural peaked small beard and moustaches gray-haired, fluffy and dashing as at the French knights, but the smell on a blizzard from it flies nasty, " hospital; - it professor Philip Filippovich Preobrazhensky, the character of the story of Bulgakov " appears before a homeless dog; Heart of a Dog .

There is an opinion that the expert of experimental surgery Sergei Voronov on whose account there were 52 operations on changes of ovaries, thyroid and male gonads from monkeys was a prototype of professor of Preobrazhenskoye. However it worked in Paris. Bulgakov professor lived in Moscow in Obukhovy Lane. As the author`s wife claims, in the story the apartment where there lived two brothers of mother of Mikhail Bulgakov - Nikolay and Mikhail Pokrovsky is described. Nikolay was a great surgeon and worked at Gynecologic institute of professor Vladimir Fedorovich Snegirev.

Or perhaps it is Snegirev? It, as well as at professor of Preobrazhenskoye, had a manner to sing favourite paraphrases during thoughts and operations. Or perhaps it is the neurosurgeon Nikolay Nilovich Burdenko. Only to it to one at that time there would be in power hypophysis operation. And it is possible, representing professor of Preobrazhenskoye, Bulgakov was inspired by rumors about the great physiologist academician Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.

Pavlov lived and worked in St. Petersburg, but not in Moscow, but only he could speak so safely Bolsheviks, it as if teased the government the speeches, acts and letters to the Soviet heads. He explained the actions so: Revolution found me almost in 70 years. And in me the strong belief sat down somehow that the term of active human life of 70 years. And therefore I safely and openly criticized revolution. I spoke to myself: The hell with them! Let will shoot. All the same life is over, I will make what demanded from me my advantage .

Security officers repeatedly suited searches in Pavlov`s apartment, confiscated gold things, including awards for scientific achievements, and even detained the academician. However the world popularity did not allow to shoot. It was an honorary member of many academies of the world, and in 1904 became the first Russian scientist awarded the Nobel Prize.

The red Cross appealed to Lenin to allow Pavlov to leave to Sweden where offered it in a favorable and quiet situation to conduct the great researches . The Kremlin refused, but after that the confiscated awards were returned to Pavlov, the strengthened ration is appointed. The Council of People`s Commissars adopted the resolution on creation to the academician Pavlov of special conditions for research activity. This resolution signed by Lenin made Pavlov inviolable, gave the chance to protect science, life and freedom of the employees and colleagues from an arbitrariness.

Perhaps, such document his influential patient promised professor Preobrazhensky: such piece of paper at which cash neither Shvonder, nor someone another could even approach to the doors of my apartment. Final piece of paper. Actual. Real. Armor .

When in academy began the company on exile of students, children of priests, Pavlov declared that if children of priests have no right to study in academy, then he, the priest`s son, especially cannot teach there, and in protest left. By the way, the father of the Bulgakov hero was the cathedral archpriest too.

It is possible to find still a lot of similar at Pavlov and Preobrazhensky, it and appearance, and the fact that both scientists make experiments on a dog, and the relation to the Soviet newspapers, and is a lot of similar judgments. But a definite answer to a question whether Pavlov Preobrazhensky`s prototype was, I think, does not exist. Reading Bulgakov`s works, everyone opens something special, according to the thoughts, following spirit of the time. Most likely, Preobrazhensky`s image collective, an image of professor of old school, the outstanding scientist who under any circumstances arrives as demands his advantage from it.]