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Meeting of two lonely hearts! Already which minute in a hall phone was broken off, but I had no

any desire to pick up the phone. I sat on a floor, stupidly looking in a ceiling. In the head everything mixed up, and just there was a wish to hide from all and from everything. But my internal subconsciousness understood that it is not the best exit from the situation which developed at me. And it happened this two months ago: my hubby, the easy rider, brought to themselves the mistress. Only I also did not understand in what the reason? Unless I was bad to it a wife? Yes it seems is not present! Then that?

Now I am the divorced and free woman. I always inside was strong, with firmness overcame difficulties, sometimes, when there were some problems, I tried to solve them immediately. But this divorce finally finished me, and everything from - for problems which, perhaps, any more never you will solve. The only thing that can serve as the solution of this problem, so is the next novel. But at all there was no wish for the novel and especially I have no time. At work there are a lot of affairs.

is difficult to remain alone with the thoughts and problems, there is a wish for support, council from friends. Only I should have remembered friends as at a door the call was distributed. There was no wish to receive guests at all. Having risen from a floor, I trudged on wadded legs to a door.

- Well, you the girlfriend, absolutely, perhaps became stupid? That why you do not remove a tube? I call her here and I call, thought that I happened! And it, having hidden here, sits in the apartment.

Having let in Lyudka the apartment, I once again scrolled at myself in the head current situation. Also thought how it is good that I have friends who will always come to the rescue.

- Natasha, and Vitka did not call you?

- No, did not call. And why you ask me?

- I saw it today, some it was gloomy, maybe, there was at it something?

- Lyud, least of all now concerns me and Vitka interests. In total already in the past. Let that maiden with whom he had a good time in our house when I was in business trip feel sorry for him now. - Me it is pleasant to

to hear from you sober reasonings. You considerably grew wiser and got prettier. I am glad that you forgot Vitka. Now for you not to endure the main thing, and to believe that you will surely meet the good man who will love and appreciate you really on the way.

- Thanks to you, the girlfriend for support.

- I to you not on long ran. Slavka bought vacation packages to Egypt. In four hours we depart. Promise me that you will be a clear head! I think that when I return, I will see you vigorous, beautiful and, of course, with a serious romance novel. Promise me, Natasha!

- I will Not promise you, but I will try.

- All the girlfriend, is time for me. I will run, and that Slavka will be angry that was late, it is necessary to pack all necessary things still. Bye!

It is possible and to envy my friend: flies to Egypt nearby loving it the man. Always it was pleasant to me in the relations of the man and woman, this love, care, respect. And, above all mutual understanding, trust. Now I will not be such silly, I will be on the alert.

did not manage to lie down I to have a rest as behind a window already darkened. Not to while away an evening of one, I decided to descend on a visit to the neigbour. We lived with it on one platform of our house. Quite often we together discussed with it men and their attitude towards women. Good it the person as nobody else is able to listen, give pieces of good advice. Having taken a small bottle of champagne and box of chocolates, I trudged to it.

- And here, Natashenka, hi! Absolutely something you were gone, long ago I did not see you. After divorce with Vitya you are not visible at all. Well, you do not stand, and come! At me here guests, there arrived the brother. Pass.

- Oh, no, Ol, I can then in an arch of times I will come. I will go, excuse.

- Well that you are Natash, you never was others in my house! Pass, all is normal.

Olga jostled me to herself to the apartment.

- Get acquainted! Andrey, is my neigbour, Natasha. Very good girl.

- Natash, is my brother Andrey. Long ago did not stay with me. Only this morning arrived.

Never tested such feeling what it had now! Heart was clogged into breasts with stupendous strength, the head began to spin and, appear, that now I will fall! Our eyes met! My God, what beautiful eyes at it! In these eyes it is possible to drown. It was visible at once that Andrey the wealthy man. One hours on his hands cost a fortune. Its beauty subdued me!

- Natash what is with you? there is no

- no, nothing all is good! It I so - reflected! - Let`s drink

for you? For charming ladies!

of his eye and its voice pierced me from legs to the head! And most of all I confused the fact that he looks at me a look of a wild and passionate animal!

- Natash, and how are you with former? It was not declared any more? there is no

- after our divorce I did not see it.

- Well, and is correct that you did not see each other. It and to the best. As they say: from eyes down with, from heart of wons!

- Natash, tell, and you were is married?

- Yes. I spent the whole two years for the person who changed me.

- you Know, ladies, I sometimes do not understand men. Why they marry if in two years they get divorced?

- It only you understand, and other men without brains! Also try to use women as much as possible in the purposes and interests!

- And unless you in what differ from other men? You possess some other qualities?

- Natash why you so badly think of me? Unless on my appearance it is possible to see my inner world? - with some offense Andrey told. there is no

- why? ! But you me sorry, if I you something offended! After divorce all women despise men. All men are rascals and swine! Can do it and not so, but I in soul had not healed wound which has an effect!

- Ah, here, in what business! The wound means at you? Only you should not enter in this folder of all men. You were offended by one, but not all! It means the rascal, but you should not use the word in total . It`s not true!

- So, my dear guests! I think, Andrey, you arrived to me not to quarrel with my friends?

- And I also do not quarrel! I only protect a male.

- Olya, thanks for hospitality, is time for me.

- Natash, do not leave, remain! You see, Andrey, you offended Natalya! We about it will talk then to you.

In soul was offensive for itself. I dared to humiliate to some type of. And at the end to show the weakness. And can do it and to the best. Having come home, I was at once filled up in a bed. This night I slept peacefully. On hours there were already 09

. 00. mornings it is time to gather for work. More than ever, but this morning I had a good mood. It seemed that my heart loves someone again, eyes and were faced by an image of the high brunette with brown eyes. And the love can do it? No, no, I should not move to this rush of feelings. This person strongly offended me last night. It is necessary to forget it, to dismiss this image.

At work everything was as usual: talk with clients, heap of councils. At the end of the working day the head cracks. But I all the same adore the work. Not each person can become a psychologist! It is necessary to be the sincere person and with big understanding to treat each client. After work I decided to stop by at flower shop. Bought the huge bouquet of flowers. Now there is nobody me to give flowers, here and to have most to buy. To whom to tell - will not believe!

Bothered same! Is not present any to a variety: work, house. It is necessary to do something with it! Having looked to the yard from a window, I saw the black jeep. Earlier I did not see it in our yard. Unexpectedly someone called a door. I waited for nobody. Having opened a door, I was faced by Andrey with a big bouquet of flowers!

- Hello, Natalya! Perhaps you let in me, or we and will be on the threshold?

- Hello! Yes, yes, of course, enter!

- you are frightened of something? there is no

- everything is good, pass.

- This bouquet I brought to you, I hope, it will be pleasant to you!

- to you Should not have been bought to me flowers. But this bouquet is beautiful. And what you forced to arrive to me? Yesterday we had not the best opinions about each other.

- And, in my opinion, everything was remarkable.

- you sit down, and I will put flowers in a vase.

it is strange why it arrived to me? I hope not in order that again to convince me that all men good .

- you Know, Andrey if you came to convince me that all men good you at the wrong door. I have already heard plenty of you yesterday!

- And unless I cannot arrive to you on another matter?

- But I do not know what we you can have affairs?

- And as into the account of today at 20:00 to meet at " restaurant; Ayr ?

- I even do not know what to answer.

In the head was arisen by many ideas why it wants to invite me in restaurant? Its attitude towards me caused interest in me.

- Natalya, I think, it will be interesting to you to meet me.

- Well I will think over your offer and, perhaps, I will come!

- Then till the evening!

Only Andrey left the apartment as I started calling the neigbour Olga! Only she for some reason did not take the call, perhaps, was not at home it.

Well, soon evening, and I did not think of what dress I will put on. Here! I will put on a kranny dress with a deep decollete!

Time approached evening. Me terribly shook all.

Having driven up to restaurant, I saw the familiar jeep - it means already here. The entrance to restaurant had two high guys.

- you, Natalya?

- Yes, it I!

- Then allow to see off you to your little table.

- But I and itself can reach.

- we have such rules of an institution - we are obliged to see off you. what my eyes happened to see I will remember

well. The hall was empty, Andrey sat only at an extreme little table, a floor was covered with petals of roses, on a scene sang an orchestra.

- I am very glad you to see, Natalya!

- I too.

- Today all evening at this restaurant is devoted only for you!

of Zastyv, for a second I reflected that all this happens not to me. This person woke up in me feeling which as it seemed to me, abandoned me forever.

- I do not know your taste yet and did not dare to order something without you. Let`s make the order together. What do you prefer from alcohol?

- Red dry wine.

- In it our tastes coincided. Then let`s take Bordo of a harvest of 1964. Natalya, tell, going on this meeting what you thought of?

- Especially that and time was not to think. I even in thoughts did not have fact that we still will sometime meet, and about such smart appointment and speeches was not. Looking

to this person in the face, I saw some reliability, confidence, and, above all noticed that spark of sympathy for me which and sparkled in his brown eyes.

- Natasha, you could not close an eye.

Having closed eyes, I waited for something unusual, heart escaped from a breast, and it seemed what here - here will jump out. Having opened eyes, I saw before myself a small box in which the ring lay. Never I also presented to lives that here I will so strongly fall in love with the person for a short time.

- Marry me! I promise to make you happy.

- And how love?

- You want to hear from me what I love you?

- What means I want? You have to nothing to me. But without love to marry nobody.

- Natasha, I love you. Marry me. You understand as soon as I saw you at Olga, understood that fell in love as the boy, you are a tremendous woman.

the First time in the life I made decisions, even without deliberating. I agreed to marry the man not so familiar to me. Also did not make the wrong choice, it is a good husband, the careful father, and, above all he loves me and respects. I am grateful to destiny for such abrupt turn in the life.]