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Idler and idler? No, dyslexic.

For the first time about some strangenesses in the letter I heard literatures from the teacher. I was 16 or 17 years old, but for some reason in conversation with me she shared that during the letter it rearranges letters (not always, the truth).

Other history concerned my peer: to school, according to people around, it was the clever boy, and went to school - nothing sensible was impossible to him.

Then there were no terms " in the course yet; dyslexia dysgraphia respectively and the attitude towards such pupils was unambiguous: the idler, is engaged a little! Today many work on problems of assimilation of a training material, and diversely: from creation of conceptually new textbooks before psychological support of pupils and their parents.

17 - On December 18, 2007 in Tel - to Avivah the exhibition devoted to difficulties in training worked. About 50 various organizations (both commercial, and philanthropic) which activity is anyway connected with development of abilities of the person, specifically - with development of ability to concentrate and be trained participated in it. The emphasis, naturally, was for work with children, but there were also stands for all who have difficulties with attention and perception of a training material.

Children`s problems - the dyslexia, a dysgraphia and other a yew - remain problems and for adults: for the young people who served army who owing to features of mentality could not get an education at the general or special school.

I give article summary from the " newspaper here; Beam (Israel) for December 12, 2007: Finkelstein and his mistakes .

This person since early years suffered from a set of frustration: dyslexia, dysgraphia, problems with memory In a few minutes a lesson I lost a thread of thought of the teacher, did not understand what is written on a board. Then I ran away from school Happened that several days could not find it.

Finkelstein shows the sheet for the seventh class: Here there are even no estimates. In one place even costs - It is possible . It is awful. When write an assessment, it quite another matter. Even if it is unsatisfactory, but it is not zero! It means that I worked, reached something, and here - as though I did not study at all.

From the seventh class, as well as all children of its settlement, it began to study at boarding school. Problems became more sharply, transferred it to special educational institution (already like a colony for juveniles - B. R.) from where he ran away back to a boarding school.

In a boarding school he was engaged in a garden, received some weight at teachers (they even sent children to it to the help). Guy Finkelstein was an active social activist and wanted to become the leader at scouts. With great difficulty he achieved that it was sent to courses. After the successful termination Guy was a leader 3 years.

Served in army. Employed several tutors to pass examinations in university. Achieved at school of the reference that he was disaccustomed 12 years (the head mistress did not want to give it, scratched the reference almost with tears and with a hysterics). Finished training courses, hardly found a higher educational institution which agreed to accept it.

The real nightmare Began. At lectures I just slept. And asked friends to tell in the evening what was told at lectures. Studied as hearing.

For Guy made some eases. Flexibility of system, despite all its shortcomings, allowed Guy to gain the diploma.

Today Guy Finkelstein is the master of psychotherapy, the winner of a prize Zusmana with which award for special merits in the social sphere. Guy heads public organization of the help to those who suffer from difficulties in training. The organization has about 40 centers in which psychologists, consultants, instructors work. On its account more than 10 thousand graduates of higher educational institutions.

Of course, a dyslexia - not a gift (and furthermore - not Charisma as it is written sometimes), and for its definition it is necessary to undergo special testing which reveals psychological features of the child.

The problem of a dyslexia concerned me directly: the younger son Denis still (to him 22 years) insufficiently well reads, he did not graduate from school as all his peers. For all that he not bad draws, well owns the computer (it has the), decently photographs (he delivered me the program of processing of a sound recording, its pictures accompany some of my articles, he wants to illustrate my future book). Only persistent occupations with it, reading aloud and long talk with mother could turn it to the correct approach to life.

So the main factor in life of dyslexics - a family, and assistants to it - experts, psychologists. And if in your family there is a dyslexic - patience to you and persistence!

New rav in a synagogue asks at whispers:

- And you to read - you are able to write? there is no


- Then to you should look for other work - competent people have to work here.

Passed several years. Rav came into carpet shop. The seller asks it:

- the Rebbe, you do not recognize me? there is no


- And you remember, you came to a synagogue to work, and I was not able to read and write, and you dismissed me?

- Yes, yes I remember. Well, and that you now?

- Yes anything, thank God. I have this bench, on the contrary same and there is one more. And if I was able to read and write, I still would be a sluzhka in a synagogue!

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