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Why men understand nothing in women? Part 2


the Old duke Richelieu during long meeting on some military questions in Versailles received a note from one young person close to it. In a note it appeared: Sir! Today I have to pay to my milliner a debt on the bill about which by my eternal absent-mindedness caused by complete attention to you I absolutely forgot. I will be sincerely grateful to you if you send me 200 luidor . But the most impressive was below, in a postscript: It is very ashamed for me that I distracted you from works, and I decided not to disturb you my message and to tear this note, but my swift-footed maid managed to fly away already to Versailles, and it was not possible to return it just .


Women are able to keep secrets, but together - the German proverb says. The father Ioann XXII had an opportunity to learn at first hand in infinity of female curiosity. Nuns of a certain monastery asked it to confess between themselves once that he permitted to them, but not at men, referring to female weaknesses, feeling of bashfulness etc. The father had no objection to give at all to them this privilege, but he was confused that the confession demands full secret and whether the woman, at least and the nun is capable to it?. And he decided to make a brief experience.

Having assured conventuals that he will attentively consider their request and most likely will execute, it brought them after a while a box in which locked a birdie, and asked to keep under great secret at itself(himself) this box only several days, but at the same time is strict - strictly ordered to dismiss any idea of finding out that is concluded in a box, having threatened even with an excommunication for disobedience

As soon as he left, invincible female curiosity got the best: the box was opened and the birdie, certainly, flew away. After that the Father was to the monastery and told that he brought prosimy conventuals permission about a confession, but only wanted to look at the box at first. Having found it empty, he already had full authority to refuse to petitioners.


the Famous French actress Blanch D`Antilyi was uncommon creation. Blanch literally struck Zola with that luxury in which lived. Watching her life, Zola used up not one notebook. Blanch poured out in a bathtub of 200 bottles of champagne, that as she spoke, to plunge in it . Its night vase was from massive silver with the monogram engraved on it. Unlike any courtesan respecting herself, she shared a bed not only with rich lovers. At it were the beggars - young people for one night who attracted it for any of several reasons (on what, she carefully wrote down in the diary). Here a fragment from it:

Pilotel: for the head of hear. Herve`s

: for the talent.

Miller: for the fact that he is a bachelor.

Dzheym: for the naivete.

Luce: for refinement.

Hamburger: for a shikarnost .

Against many surnames the phrase testifying to kind heart mademoiselle stood: because he about it asked me . there is no

anything surprising that Blanch D`Antilyi became a prototype of the main character of the well-known novel Zola - Nana .

courageous it would be unfair

, speaking about female weaknesses and shortcomings, not to tell also about their numerous advantages. In any case, at least about some of them. Here amazing example of female courage.

Angry the persistent resistance of residents of the small town of Veynsberg, Conrad III ordered to the soldiers to ruin the city and to kill all inhabitants, except for women. Before beginning the last storm, he allowed women to leave the city, having allowed to carry away with himself on shoulders what is more expensive than everything to them. In the appointed day of the woman of Veynsberg left city gate, carrying on shoulders husbands, sons and the fathers. Confidants of the emperor asked for permission to attack them for this cunning. But the touched Conrad spared the city and all its inhabitants, having told at the same time: The Word of the emperor cannot be neither is changed, nor cancelled!


When Alexander Kuprin married Davydova, this pleasant event coincided with writing of the story Duel . Work considerably stopped, and then the young wife told: So business will not go

She rented for herself certain apartment and exposed to the husband the ultimatum: I Will let in only when you bring the next chapter of the story .

the situation was Further so: he called her, it opened a door on a chain, he pushed it the next chapter Duel it got acquainted with contents and if found high the level of this chapter, then let in the writer to itself. Once Kuprin brought chapter which already brought earlier, but vigilant Davydova right there noticed deception and returned the manuscript with words: When there is new head then come! Then it approached

a window and saw how Alexander Ivanovich sat on a stone curbstone and cried. She told: I very much wanted to let in it, but I thought of destiny of the Russian literature!

and fanatical

the Famous French actor Gerard Phillipe sat somehow in the hotel hall. Suddenly some person approached and began to be lifted up. The actor pretended that he understands nothing, but there were two of his fans who literally snatched on the impudent fellow: at first cursed, and then forced to run.

- Really such small handle you slapped it a face? - Gerard Phillipe asked one of girls.

- Yes, - that whispered, being thrilled with happiness.

- Thanks! - prochuvstvenno the actor said and kissed it a hand.

- And I, by the way, bit this tease! - the second fan when the actor turned to her cried out.

the Second fan was necessary to kiss on the lips

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