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Why men understand nothing in women? Part 1

Surprising creations

Strength of the woman is that you will not explain it by means of psychology - Oscar Wilde noticed. Women in all centuries fascinated, submitted and surprised men with both the look, and the behavior. Today so many words - and laudatory and ironic - are told about the finest half of mankind that if to bring together them in one big book, then as the French writer Andre Maurois considers, it will be volume in several million pages. When one of friends of the writer took an interest why several millions but it is not concrete, - two or three, Maurois answered: Therefore, my dear that when you speak about women, it is just impossible to be exact!

We offer the reader a small selection of historical jokes in which women behave differently, but it is always interesting, unexpectedly and, certainly, it is illogical. In any case, from the man`s point of view.

So, happen women

strange the French comic writer Alphonse Alla in a narrow friendly circle declared once to


- I with confidence can claim, that women never listen what they are told, except as to conversation on love or money.

One of interlocutors began to object, and then to Alla to prove the case, suggested to make experiment.

Somehow they had to be together on a formal dinner party. Having fairly been late, Alla told the hostess:

- Sorry, expensive, but to us it was necessary to manage to finish off one old woman - the investor that we also made. It also detained us.

- is not important, - the lady with a charming smile answered. - Now we can sit down at a table at last.


Some unexperienced, and therefore self-confident the husband refuse to women wit. And it is absolutely vain. Here only three short examples:

a Certain importunate admirer, the person, undoubtedly, rich, but also so inconsiderate, somehow asked the Italian actress Claudia Cardinale that it has to give it that it accepted from it a kiss . Obviously, this mister considered the offer very gallant, original and easily executable. But the answer of the actress threw him at first into confusion, and then and into flight. The movie star answered:

- Chloroform!

The Russian writer Ivan Bunin one of the letters to N. Taffy`s writer, the old acquaintance, finished with the following phrase:

I Kiss your handles and features - dryuchka!

In two days it receives from it the answer and at the end of the letter finds:

If handles though it is rare, but kiss to me, then features - dryuchka years 50 nobody kissed!

Faina Ranevskaya, the glorified actress of theater and cinema, already being in solid litas, there was in the make-up room absolutely naked once. Actors sometimes have such desire to be exempted from clothes, to allow a body to have a rest then again to put on a theatrical suit before a part. She stood and smoked. Suddenly to it without knock the administrator of theater came. And, having seen bared to the Move it is dumbfounded measurement. Ranevskaya quietly asked:

- does not shock you what I smoke?


In a forward to the book Principles of " electronics; the Italian scientist Albert Malvino it is possible to read:

I Devote this book of Geoana, my talented and beautiful wife without whom I would be left the worthless person. She consoles me in hard times, never complains of life, does not interpose in my matter, with firmness endures all hardships and writes dedications to my books .

envious the Famous French actress Brigitte Bardot in one of the interviews told

a curious story. Somehow, having come back from the next travel - this time from the USA, - the actress brought an izety trip magnificent (and, needless to say, very expensive) a mink coat. Her secretary, having seen a new thing, immediately exclaimed: What charm! How you managed to get it? . Bardo honestly answered that in the USA she met the gentleman who in a pocket had five thousand dollars by

Several months later her secretary took vacation and too went to the USA. When it returned, appeared before Bardo in just the same fur coat. Surprisingly! - the actress exclaimed. - How you managed to buy such expensive fur coat? On it the secretary at first contemptuously grinned, and then answered:

- Yes as well as you! Only I for this purpose had to meet hundred gentlemen, each of which had on fifty dollars in a pocket


Very solid French newspaper Figaro a few years ago told about one funny case which occurred in Paris. In one of the poorest and densely populated districts of the French capital Marianna N., the employee of department of social security, came to check how there lives the family which the worker deserted several years ago. To the surprise, in a corner of this modest dwelling she saw six children - is small is small less Being burned with curiosity, she did not keep and asked the hostess who the father of these children. As who, my husband, of course! - the woman answered. But, listen, unless the husband did not throw you how you claim, five years ago? And your younger, apparently, it is no more than a year . Of course, threw! - the hostess answered, having slightly been confused. - But, whether you see in what business, from time to time he comes to apologize


the Famous pianist of the 19th century Ignatiy Paderevsky arrived somehow to tours to the small American town. Walking on it, he saw the modest plate on one unsightly lodge: Ms. Jones teaches playing a grand piano. A lesson - one dollar . The teacher executed Chopin`s nocturne with big mistakes at this time. Paderevsky came to it, silently sat down at a grand piano and played the nocturne.

When Paderevsky once again stopped next day near the familiar house, he saw a big sign: Ms. Jones. Great Paderevsky`s schoolgirl. A lesson - five dollars .


About unreliability of female oaths and, in general, the female word, was told much. However gawks who trust this word still are not translated. The famous French courtesan Ninon de Lanclo can serve as an embodiment of female unreliability. The legendary beauty dementing all Paris led an independent life, indulging the whims, and kept up acquaintance to many uncommon people. Its beauty shook contemporaries whom it fascinated even the life in recent years, and she lived eighty five years.

In forty years at it was novel with the marquis de Lachatr. The marquis, without memory in love with Ninon, going hiking, asked for it the receipt that she will be loyal to him before the termination of the company. It implicitly issued it such receipt, and Lachatr left. Ninon de Lanclo who immediately found to it replacement often laughed after that and complained: Oh, how to be with the receipt which I gave to Lachatr!

To be continued]