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What year future prepares for us?

New year. A dazzling instant between the past and future. Such tradition at us: the finale of year has to be rough and long. The country goes to festive dive of days for ten about New year and will leave it only on January 14.

In the last week years we think generally of the future. We make plans. We read astrological forecasts. We think over desire. We hope that the coming year will be better leaving. Or at least it is not worse. Preparing for a holiday, meticulously we find out, than to humour a yellow Rat that year was successful. Though at heart we understand: all these efforts (what to put on a table what colors to put on) purely symbolical. Year of the Rat will come only on February 7.

Generally if you do not put on a New Year`s table sunflower seeds, gozinaki and curd cake, do not worry. A rat - a being so omnivorous that it is hard to say what product will cause in her chagrin and furthermore an indigestion. Having eaten high-quality grain of wheat of firm grades, curious teeth will not disdain the rags impregnated with lubricating oil, and for a dessert can use leather boots of Prada firm with great pleasure. Therefore we will not remain hungry next year

you Remember the charming picture from children`s literature: one rat holds another by a tail while that drinks milk at the bottom of a jug? Speak, they even have such joke: from time to time to weaken zakus to add to adrenaline. Happens that the tail as if inadvertently slips out Therefore in the coming year it is necessary to behave well. Not to take offense at jokes, with colleagues of the relations not to spoil.

A rat - the recognized intellectual among animals, the born leader (not for nothing it the first came to Buddha, having saddled the Bull, and opens 12 - a summer cycle). So if you have dreams to promote on an office ladder, hurry to realize them - everything will turn out. Do not wait for the Bull till next year, and and you will plow and plow that, and in breaks to stand in a stall and to ruminate.

In new year we have every chance to find happiness, the rat in Japan is considered the companion of god of happiness. Year is favorable for resolute, but realistic actions. The rat will find a way out of the most stalemate situation. Saving the life, she can rush on people and devour own cubs But I think, before will not reach If it is necessary, the rat will scramble on any wall, up to Kremlin, will gnaw through a hole in any pipe and will not even roll in gasoline.

Astrologers promise us monetary year, but on condition that we will make every effort. It is necessary to try to follow rules, to honor the law, including the criminal code. To work strictly according to the plan, not to be scattered, not to distract, not to fuss. Any uncertainty, ambiguity and innuendo. Implementation of obligations and responsibility. It is on a global scale supposed that next year will awaken mankind from a dream in which it stays the last decade. Say, we will bring order to everything, we will build everything and we will equip.

Do not forget with the first striking of a clock on a paper piece a pencil to write desire, to burn, stir in a glass with champagne and to drink before hours stop beating 12.

With coming!]