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What to take with itself in new life? Let`s remember

how many times, each of us promised himself to begin new life since Monday from the First . And to begin new life since New year, as they say God ordered .

We in this sense were lucky. In Russia (and also in all CIS countries), new life can be begun with Christmas (Catholic or orthodox), New year, Old New year (a holiday which does not exist any more in one country of the world).

But if all of us - are not in time, then it is possible to begin also since New year according to east calendar.

Why not to begin it with approach of year of a yellow, earth Rat? The Rat at east people (that is confirmed also by supervision), is considered the wisest animal on our planet.

A little long introduction turned out. But these New Year`s Eve days I suggest to think of a question that we want to take with ourselves in the new and, certainly, correct life?

Certainly, at everyone this list will be, individual. But there are ten such " substances; without which life even of the millionaire will not be happy. And we also begin new life that it was even happier, than that which we have now.

We will surely take that we usually wish to our family and friends for all holidays and especially at Birthday: Love, Health, Tenderness, Fidelity, Mutual understanding, Success, Good luck, and so on.

Interestingly, but never in life heard a wish forever to lodge in the heart Kindly. Perhaps, I am not right, but it seems to me that without it in our soul there will be neither rest, nor harmony, so, and everything listed above.

Recently I read such fragment:

The evil does not exist, the sir, or, at least, it does not exist for him. Angrily is just absence of God. It is similar to darkness and cold - the word created by the person to describe absence of God. God did not create the evil. Angrily is not belief or love which exist as light and heat. The evil is a result of absence in heart of the person of Divine love. It like cold which comes, when there is no heat, or like darkness which comes, when there is no light.

The truth can if in soul there does not live the Good, then there can Angrily lodge?

The World does not suffer emptiness - some philosopher told. And if it was right?

all our feelings exist in couple: A love-hate, Trust - jealousy, Health - an illness. Peculiar swing of life: up - down.

Let`s lodge in the soul Kindly that there is no small corner left even for the Evil. And it is not obligatory to wait for any certain day for this purpose. Just from now on, from this minute - we will invite him forever to lodge in our heart. And we suddenly will see: life will blossom as the spring apple orchard in spite of the fact that the window is followed by a small, prickly snowball, and the sky is tightened by gray lead clouds.

Dobra to your house and each heart.]