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Winter evening of the house... How to carry out it cheerful by all family?

U us half a year bad weather, half a year - absolutely anywhere! When even in a sheepskin coat and a fur cap on the street you do not poke out a nose. What to occupy itself and house with long winter evenings after champagne is drunk, the fir-tree smell already lost the charm, and behind a window line it is not visible because of frosty patterns?

Many women knit and are engaged in all other types of needlework. Men, lying on a sofa, mow with one eye in the TV, and to others in the newspaper. Children, having buried in the computer, play the favourite games... All this is familiar to you? But same it is so boring! Time to look for itself came and it is more interesting to all your family of occupation.

Try to remember when you played the last time in checkers, collected puzzles, got a lotto, sang under a karaoke, battled in a backgammon, solved crossword puzzles all together? Forgot? So long ago it was? Now, when so short days, the whole free evening darkens early, and ahead, it is a high time to remember all this.

In games between parents and children there are advantages. Playing with the child, parents communicate with him at the children`s level. Game works well only when the adult as if turns into the child.

It is necessary to carry different entertainments with children to the most popular house games. It is a hide-and-seek and a blind-man`s-buff, a game of tag and round dances, guessing games and shchekotalka . Such games liberate also adults and kids, and fine strengthen the friendly relations between them. Agree, it is impossible to become angry about the peanut who broke your favourite vase or used official papers to make a ship if you overturned a table five minutes ago, playing at hide-and-seek or that ship was tried to be started in long voyage in a bathroom. Similar family entertainments are very big emotional feed both for big and for little participants of game. Good mood and charge of cheerfulness to you it is provided.

By the way, experts still did not find out who derives bigger pleasure from childish sports - directly children who according to the status should play them, or parents in whose soul still remained childishness. The main thing in games with kids - sincerity. You should not look down, you should not give in and lisp, be natural, believe in game, and be not afraid to return to the childhood at least for a couple of hours.

Why to devote not evening or vykhody put to preparation something tasty ? All family members can sit down for a molding of pelmeni or pies and to amicably build a favourite dish for which there is never enough time. Let it will be not lazy vareniki, but the presents, not big pie which gives all the best one layer on a baking sheet, and it is a lot of small pies with two - three types of stuffings. And then it is obligatory to sit down all family at a table - but not to drag off on pie to everyone to the room. And it is possible to devote day to development of some new culinary recipe - there was always a wish to learn to do a lasagna or the Uzbek pilaf in due form? So dare! Joint cooking - it is so cheerful!

For certain over the past few years at you many new photo albums accumulated. And there is no time to fill them all. Of course, you could also spread out photos in places. But then your children so do not recognize much! And unless there can be something more valuable, than family memoirs , stories from the childhood of parents, some details from grandmother`s school life... All this can be learned then when all assembled. And what this huge pleasure both for seniors, and for younger!

Long ago were going to rearrange a table far away from a window? And in general, it is quite good to trade its places with a sofa - TV it is more convenient to watch scenery and it is time to change. The child brought the first still life from art school, you promised it to hang up on a wall and all hands do not dkhodit? Now, when all houses, it is a high time to connect family members to new undertakings .

And let these long winter evenings you are warmed by love of your relatives!]