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It is possible to share happiness?

Strange piece life. Sometimes you fight a forehead about glass and nothing is subject to you, and sometimes you stay at home in front of the TV, and suddenly to you directly good work which you looked for so long ago and unsuccessfully falls down the head.

So, I found work in small, but very perspective advertizing agency.

When I entered the CEO impudently inspected me, fastidiously frowned and asked to tell who I am and that I am. As a rule, I am much, it is much more, than is actually therefore it with astonishment raised an eyebrow, critically examined me once again and told: - You write me quickly the commercial for about 50 seconds. Well there what shoe salon - a thread perhaps advertize

- What salon - that?

- Well itself think up something there - he again fastidiously frowned.

I wanted to stick a nose to myself under a mouse, for test definition of existence of a smell. Why he so screws up the face? Though, perhaps, its Kaka

stuck near by.

- By the way we did not drink on brudershaft yet, - it I already about myself thought. Aloud I loudly grunted, grabbed the handle and servilely began to scribble a plot on a leaflet.

* The beautiful young man dances with the young lady slow dance on the edge of the pool, on a background a little table, on it champagne, candles, pyra tyra, everything speaks to the viewer about a romantic orientation of evening. The chamber runs into dancing: the handsome man again pushes the partner around, she grows furious, pushes away him and it, certainly, falls in water. Quiet music is sharply changed incendiary a samba, a close up of legs of the beauty which manufacture intricate pases in charming sandals on huge hairpins. Slogan: Kozhmeshtorg alone with an ideal. *

- Here, look, I wrote.

- was Written by her! It is direct so in 5 minutes and wrote? Well let`s look that you wrote there. It sharply jumped, pulled out at me a leaf from hands and dashed away to the big room behind a glass partition from where a minute later the wild loud laughter of ten male throats was distributed. I reddened and began to put on a fur coat.

- Ha ha ha, Maksimovskaya! Kozhmeshtorg! I was sure that you are a silly woman, and you, it seems, nothing so. Here the poster burns for a sunbed, full-color - help out team.

- whether Means it that I am employed?

- And what difference? - he cunning looked at me.

- If I am already taken at the staff, then I can, actually, already and not try.

- Well with such approach also I do not know to enlist you or not However, it is necessary to recognize, apparently all employees work for me by such principle with

* the Poster for a sunbed: French riviera, piece of the turquoise sea, small it is yellow - white sand, a palm tree, highly in the sky the sun scorches (the town more attractive than Bounty Island) under which huge red umbrella there is a sunbed chamber, in a crack between the top and lower cover (or as there it is called at a sunbed) we see the young woman in red swimming trunks, dark glasses and, certainly, a top the loess. Slogan: Even it is better than the sun! * I was taken at the staff, presented by

In 3 minutes to employees and awarded by envious whisper in a back: Talantishche! How long I dreamed to hear it Tell it on - more often! Well, to you, difficult chtol?]