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Gods burn pots?

are steadily stored motive of creation of the world from clay In all cultures by hands of the certain generalized almighty creator.

Clay - such pliable, so well stores the form given it.

Is valid from it simply to mold everything that you will wish.

The beginning of the person conceiving of the workman is defined in textbooks of history as the Neolithic.

A new era in the history of formation of mankind.

Modern scientists call it new Stone Age (era of the Neolithic);

however in fact this term is not justified at all as the cultural change taking place about the 7500th year B.C. was connected first of all with the emergence of ceramics which coincided with resettlement of the person from mountain dwellings to lowlands where the clay soil prevailed.

The civilization is molded from clay.

Nearly ten thousand years to that ancient tsirkumpontiysky (that is vokrugchernomorsky settling down around the lake - the sea which began to be called Russian subsequently or Black) the civilization made a huge number of products from clay - pieces of house utensils, jewelry, figurines.

One of the most ancient systems of images, signs, symbols in the history of mankind developed in the Black Sea lowlands.

Experts tried to count how many it was necessary to make ceramic objects for providing all residents, for example, of settlements of the Tripolsky civilization. Extensive spaces between Danube and Dnieper abounded with the rendered habitable and inhabited places. The cities contained quite often on fifty and more than thousands of inhabitants. In each residential building in constant use there were tens of ceramic objects - from huge cereal-growers to tiny children`s toys. Not to mention daily utensils, kitchen ware, ritual vessels. The account had to go on hundreds of thousands of objects. The strict scientific method of reconstruction convincingly removed very and very impressive figures.

For six thousand years B.C. the people inhabiting the most fertile lands of the Black Sea lowland managed to arrange production of pottery in huge scales. Therefore, there was the whole army of the trained staff in detection, production and processing of raw materials, to construction of furnaces, preparation of fuel, directly potter`s affairs of masters and of course the distributors, suppliers, exchangers satisfying demand on places. And it is clear that for preservation of rates and scales of production of pottery new masters were constantly trained, experience was passed on, traditions remained and developed.

The same remains of pottery are found by archeologists in the huge territory. It can be one more cause for reflections about that, is how simple and ancient, to be exact, our pradavny world was primitive.

The ceramics of excellent quality, various forms and appointments was produced. Productive furnaces for roasting of a set of clay products were required. And, huge jugs for grain storage (with a capacity up to two hundred and more liters) needed to be burned in rather spacious furnaces with a certain constant and very high temperature. Means, and furnaces corresponding should be able to be made and, naturally, to support by some image in them appropriate power fire. For what it was necessary to prepare necessary and enough fuel.

Questions of quality of production interested our ancestors not least - for them both ware, and household items, and especially cult vessels were not just consumer goods. Care of finishing inherent in all cut of time is available. The harmony of forms and intricacy of jewelry definitely speak about a polysemy of the relation to these objects.

Millions of vessels are painted with surprising, capacious, expressive signs, ornaments which developed in the course of accumulation by masters of experience.

the Tripolsky ornaments which remained on multithousand-year ceramic vessels testify to the difficult and very developed system of relationship of the person with the nature surrounding it.

The agricultural civilization could not arise without experience of supervision over the rivers, meadows, the woods, heaven which is saved up by hundreds of generations of plowmen.

The lunar calendar long since became the management of practice of a survival of the whole childbirth, a basis of their general attitude. The arch of beliefs, ideas of the place of the person in the huge world, regularities of origin and continuation of life - everything is concentrated in multiple-valued and expressive ornaments of tripolsky ceramics.

The steady developed figurative world of color scale and ornamental compositions passed from father to son. The continuity demonstrates existence of schools, canons, the indispensable generalized ritual of transfer of knowledge by keepers of intimate traditions.

Still the phenomenon of tripolsky protogorod is not solved - inhabitants left and burned the cities, left on new places, founded new settlements.

However by the third millennium the new round of decline B.C. (that coincides with time of mysterious sudden total and irrevocable disappearance of the tripolsky cities and all North Black Sea civilization what the archeological finds dated the specified period testify to) is observed.

The ceramics gradually left consumption that was followed by decline in quality and simplification of forms of products. In life instruments of labor and household goods from a stone - a remnant of the Stone Age began to prevail again.

The settlements which were the centers of the industry of ceramics fell into decay, practically all potter`s production disappeared.

Some settlements entered in a new phase of an impoverishment .

Mankind degraded; the culture appeared on the verge of decomposition.

But then - suddenly, unexpectedly, it is inexplicable - all region endured blossoming of the civilization which became the base, base of our modern culture.

Again as if someone`s mysterious hand pulled out the person from the bog of decline and raised it on much higher standard of living, cultures, sciences, having put about the 3000th year in fertile valleys of the largest rivers the new centers of universal civilization B.C.

To Entre Rios the Tiger and Efrat there was Sumer. In upper courses of Nile, on fertile alluvial coast - Egypt.

They inherited chronologically authentically a vastest experience of the North Black Sea agricultural civilization which we call Tripolskoy by name the ancient settlements which are dug out by Vikenti Hvoyko on Dnieper coast near the town of Tripolye.

The civilization was molded from clay by hands of skilled settled farmers.]