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Why you should not read horoscopes?

The fact that you think is of the most great importance in your life. It is more important than your earnings, your residence, your situation in society. It is more important than the fact that all others think of you .

George Adams, American biologist.

A health formula from ten words One of the best-known Aesculapians of antiquity Avicenna told

: The doctor has three means in fight against an illness: word, plant, knife . Pay attention: the word - on the first place! In one of the Parisian hospitals of Emily Kyyui, the young psychologist, decided to check in practice this backward for modern medicine thought. It, at own risk, imputed

a duty to each of the patients, referring allegedly to the chief physician, three times a day - before going to bed, right after a prosypaniye and before a lunch - aloud or mentally to repeat the same phrase on 10 times: Every day I feel better and better! . And it was necessary to repeat this phrase not mechanically, and, whenever possible, brightly representing itself healthier, younger, full of strength and energy

I that you thought? In a month wards of this doctor became the main source of conversation for all medical staff of this hospital, and soon - and for all France. Surprisingly, but fact: the seriously ill patients who till some months were usually taking a recovery course recovered within one month. At some - and this most improbable - need for surgical intervention - operation disappeared - as tumors resolved by itself! The restoration period after operation was cut by half and even three times. The best results were achieved by those patients as it became clear later which not just repeated mechanically these words aloud, and tried to present brightly every time how they feel or would feel if they were absolutely healthy and happy.

Thus, was experimentally confirmed the forgotten ancient truth: the word - the best medicine .

The main thing - to believe

In the 17th century one Italian professor invented toothache medicine. It was very simple and gave the 1 year guarantee. Suffering from a toothache it was offered to crush between big and index fingers of a worm whose Latin name Curculio antiodontaligious. The remains of a worm were put to a painful tooth. Soon professors suspected of charlatanism, and it was necessary to appoint the special commission to define effectiveness of its method. The commission interrogated hundreds of patients of professor, and nearly 70% confirmed force of impact of worms on their painful teeth.

The Belief and strong imagination generates an event - Montaigne said. Professor`s patients passionately were eager for treatment, and they received it. When you believe that something exists, something influences you as really existing.

Very interesting fact was recently found by group of the doctors watching one woman suffering from a split personality. Usually the amount of sugar in blood at it does not exceed norm, but during schizophrenia attacks when she is convinced that she is sick with diabetes, all its physiology changes and the level of sugar in blood increases to the level characteristic of diabetics. Her conviction becomes reality.

O of similar to it the facts tell the numerous experiments made over people in a condition of a hypnotic trance when touch them with an ice piece, but assure that it is the heated metal. As a result on the place of contact of skin with ice the burn develops. Not the reality, but belief - the direct, categorical teams sent to nervous system appears a decisive factor. Skin just carries out that tells it a brain.

Not important what medicine you drink Norman Kazins who became famous for the whole world for the fact that won laughter and self-confidence against an incurable illness in the book approves

: Drugs are not always necessary for recovery, and here belief - always . His belief is shared today by many scientists, relying on results of numerous researches and experiences.

the Italian physicians conducted the following research among 228 patients having an ulcer. They were divided into two groups. Patients from the first group were told that they are given new, strong medicine which will surely give them relief. That who was in the second group, told that they are given too the new, but still a little approved medicine in which effect there is no special confidence. 70% of patients in the first group felt considerable simplification and only 25% - in the second. And meanwhile in both cases patients received so-called placebos - the baby`s dummies, pills which do not have any medicamentous qualities.

Even more impressive results are yielded by supervision over people on which drugs with obviously negative effect do not make any harmful effects if to tell them that this medicine gives a positive effect.

lead the Experiments made by the American doctors to a conclusion that at the corresponding suggestion stimulants work as soothing, and soothing - as exciting.

In other words, not important what medicine you drink. The main thing - with what faith in him. You remember - to everyone it will be rendered on his belief Whether about it the speech?

Not any reading on advantage

the True wise man not the one who knows a lot of things, and the one who knows necessary. But which of us is allocated with happy quality to distinguish necessary from unnecessary? In the east speak: The Worst enemies of the person would not wish it those troubles which can bring it own thoughts . Buddha learned: the person will not become free, will not learn to operate the thoughts " yet;. Alas, but as it is frequent and as quickly we change the beliefs only from - for the fact that someone stated something contradicting to our own views! And can happen to the one whom it is easy to turn into the belief anything

the American physicians remember the tragicomedy with the patient dying from cancer. Already in absolutely hopeless state, that undertook studying of popular literature and read about surprising properties some horse " serum;. He so believed in it that he literally induced doctors to do to him such injection. Desire of dying - the law! Surprise of physicians when several days later the fateful patient not only got up was big, but also began to flirt with nurses. Immediately conducted examination showed that his cancer tumor and all metastasises resolved.

And still this history ended tragically. The annoying patient discharged from hospital recognized by medicine completely healthy somewhere dug out the scientific article about the same to horse " serum; with reduction of proofs of its full uselessness in fight against cancer. It so blew the mind of the erudite poor creature that the tumor developed again, and later short time he died

Why should not read horoscopes?

Because bad predictions are in the habit to come true. If, of course, you believe in them. And people, unfortunately, the beings who are easily inspired. The American sociologist David Phillips from the Californian university in San - Diego studying history of diseases of 30 thousand died Americans of the Chinese origin was convinced of it in practice. They interested the researcher because, according to the doctrine of the Chinese astrologers, on year of birth it is possible to tell the fortunes of the person: whether there will be he healthy or is doomed to diseases which will send him to the grave.

As became clear, Chinese to whom predicted diseases in advance, in 12 - ti from everyone 15 - ti cases died on five - six years earlier, than their tribespeople who had the same diseases, but were born in others, favorable from the point of view of astrologers, years.

A here the Canadian psychologists decided to investigate impact on health of some telecasts. It was as a result revealed that approximately through an hour and a half after viewing of evening telenews the quantity of calls of ambulance increases almost by a quarter. And here after a hockey match in which owners won a victory and also after comic show or the comedy movie, the number of the emergency addresses to the doctor decreases almost by a half! Scientists consider that harmful effects of telenews are connected with the fact that the most part of information in them have a negative shade: acts of terrorism, reportings from places of military operations, natural cataclysms, crimes, scandals, etc. of

It is necessary to Open a mouth only in two cases

the Famous philosopher of antiquity Pythagoras was held in huge respect among the pupils. One his approving word casually thrown to pupils threw them into the real ecstasies. Once one of his pupils caused irritation of the teacher, and Pythagoras told it several sharp words. The pupil from a grief committed suicide. Pythagoras was so shaken by this tragic case that since then he never told anybody any bad word.

The German psychologist Paul Vayntsvayg in the book Ten precepts of the creative person gives such history:

My acquaintance lived alone with two daughters - the husband threw her and children. Somehow in the evening at the moment of deep despair she opened a box of the home first-aid kit, pulled out a vial of sleeping pill, accepted a high dose, laid down on a bed and began to wait for death. Unexpectedly her younger four-year-old daughter entered a bedroom - some instinctive feeling of the approaching tragedy pushed the child. Having got into a bed to mother, the girl embraced her and began to whisper: I love you, mother I cannot live without you Please, do not leave me Mother was so shocked by keenness of the daughter that found forces to rise, reach a bathroom and to accept emetic. So she managed to find the patience necessary for life and care of the daughters .

As we see, only several words can kill and save from death. One of the most important psychological laws says: verbal expression of love, sympathy and admiration increases vital energy of that to whom it is turned. And evil and bad words reduce energy of listening.

the Canadian architect, the native of Japan, Raymond Moriyama in the childhood got such advice from the father: You have to open a mouth only in two cases: to report something important or to please someone . Raymond followed this advice, and today he is convinced that exactly thanks to it he could live adequately and beautifully the life, achieve universal recognition and wealth.

Can be also to us, the kind reader, once it takes a good advice?

Do not read what you do not wish to remember

If to rub gold about iron, then iron will raise in the price and nobility : in its structure, let only and on a surface, there will be the real gold. And here gold will lose from such contact: in it will appear ignoble impurity. And in life: tell me whom you live with and I will tell you who you are. What you will surround yourself with, that and you will become. About the same also the Arab proverb teaches: The Wise man who is on friendly terms with numskulls becomes a fool; the dog living at kind, clever people becomes a reasonable being . Our life is our friends, neighbors, colleagues, books, newspapers, movies, telenews, music In a word, any information which we receive from the outside to some extent influences our thoughts. So, both on health, and on destiny, and on life in general.

you Remember ancient council: Do not read what you do not wish to remember. Do not remember what you do not wish to apply . It concerns not only readings, but also all the rest. Watch the horror film for the night, and uneasy night is provided to you. Listen during two - three hours of bottoms - or fate - group, from those that are especially popular, - and decrease in intelligence is guaranteed to you. Look at the program of news in which the most part of time will be told about war or some emergency - and for tomorrow be not surprised in the morning that you unexpectedly suddenly shouted at children, or at you suddenly jumped up pressure It is not my imagination - it is experimentally facts in evidence.

Only conscious protection against negative messages, news or predictions even if it only the prediction of bad weather, can keep mentality of healthy. Healthy mentality - that is our daily thoughts - defines how many to us to live what health to have what progress to achieve and, in general, what life to live. The person is the fact that he thinks. Do not allow others to think for you.]