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What does the wife of the faithful husband smell of?

The Woman has to smell of a flower that there was a wish to break her .

(Chinese proverb)

Ah, attraktant! Oh, repellents! to

by Science it is established that animals - including the person - allocate microdoses of special substances which influence behavior of people around. These substances are called pheromones. From them attraktant - the substances attracting (for example, sexual attraktant attract an individual of an opposite sex) and repellents - substances allocate the repellent, causing feeling alarms, panic, concern.

of People - the full representative of fauna. Factors which we do not even guess direct our consciousness and acts. The most important of them - smells, and from zapakhovy substances - substances with very slight smell - pheromones: attraktant and repellents.

Chekhov once told a juicy secret of the French charm to

: Women smell of creamy " ice cream;. The certain French physician who was living in the 19th century and having a reputation for the big fan of women put forward the whole theory of the description aromas of the woman . In his opinion, individual Scent of a Woman completely depends on color of her hair. From blondes the smell of gray ambergris, from brown-haired women - a smell of violets, and from brunettes - aroma of an ebony and musk proceeds. He also claimed that those who eat meat smell stronger than vegetarians and that skin of women aged smells as the dried-up petals of roses or the withering linden flowers .

People knew about the sexual force of an individual smell long ago. For example, in Greece and other Balkan countries of the man during execution of passionate national dances put handkerchiefs in armpits, and then these offer fragrant kerchiefs to women, inviting them to dance. (Sterile sweat, note, has no smell. Sweat gets an unpleasant smell only after reproduction in it of bacteria and fungi). Frenchwomen went further away. Those put fingers " at all; to the most secluded town and then touch them a neck as though it is spirits. Actually, it is also spirits - sexual spirits which it is difficult for man not to answer with attention.

To marry by calculation - not to see children!

the American zoologist D. Todd from Oceanographic institute in Vudze paid attention to one feature of life of little sea small fishes - mukus. Two species of these small fishes often live in the same places, samochka of two types are very similar at each other, but, nevertheless, two look are not crossed among themselves. Why? To understand it, Todd made several experiments. Let`s tell, the male of one type of a mukus put in an aquarium sees a female of the look through glass and right there begins to sport before it. Its reaction will be similar if through glass show it also a female of other look. So, the main difference at all not in appearance. Then in what?

In a smell! It was visually confirmed by the second experiment. The male was replaced in the next aquarium. When it was put in where to it the female of its look lived, it started " over again; to sport and here if in next where the female of other look lived, - did not follow similar reaction.

Should tell that something similar occurs also at people. According to some scientists - zapakhoved, such fine feeling as love, besides other reasons, arises also because of zapakhovy compliance between the man and the woman. Thus, we at all not incidentally like this or that woman, this or that man. Our sense of smell which is closely connected with subconsciousness as if specifies to us that with this person we will be happy.

Is curious in this regard one statistical fact: the childlessness problem most often arises in the families formed not on love, and by calculation. In other words, the problem of childlessness arises where the man takes in the wife the woman not of the look .

The smell of a lemon increases labor productivity

a Certain Englishman, the owner of shop, put absolutely identical sets of tights on two show-windows, having sprinkled a little one set spirits. As a result tights with a smell were quickly sold out. When after buyers asked why they chose these tights, but not others, they noted such qualities as composition of fiber, color and other advantages of the acquired set. None of them paid attention to true difference - a smell. Researchers came to a conclusion that 70 - 80% of buyers, without realizing that, estimate purchase (from food and perfumery to equipment) rather a nose, than mind. Bright sellers of second-hand cars add special fragrances which force old cars to smell sweet as newcomers to a fuel tank. Moreover, in the market aromatic " essence already appeared; Honest seller of " cars; creating aura of such decency and trust that the buyer practically without looking agrees to the transaction.

In Japan already several years at some industrial enterprises to increase labor productivity, in shops, studies and rooms spray aromas of mint. At the American offices lemon smells became for quite some time now clearly heard: researches showed that lemon aroma is capable to reduce quantity of errors of the working personnel considerably. British do not lag behind Americans also. Local diplomats, receiving ambassadors of other countries, spray halls where there will be negotiations, sea smells: saltishly - iodide air as show experiences, removes irritation and promotes bigger business activity.

Sexual spirits: The efficiency - 30%

Around the world the French perfumery is in the increased demand. And it is not casual. The French perfumers add to the production attraktant of an animal and a phytogenesis. In it the secret of their success is also covered: synthetics a human nose and a brain to deceive it appeared it is impossible.

were invented by Not so long ago American perfumers sexual spirits which purpose - to excite desire at an opposite sex. Nearly five years it invention it was approved in different parts of the world. Then results of experiments were transformed to statistical data and carefully analyzed. As a result, researchers had to state: sexual spirits work approximately in 30 cases from 100. As we see, the person should not rely on any sensational inventions. Artificial smells even if created on the basis of animal and vegetable attraktant, for the present cannot replace own attractive aromas .

How to increase the appeal

So as far as the person is capable to allocate attraktant, so, one may say, it is attractive to people of an opposite sex. The normal healthy person allocates them in enough. The problem most often is in that to disaccustom a body from excessive production of repellents. The following recommendations will help you to get rid of surplus of repellents. Having followed this advice, you will increase the zapakhovy appeal, improve the relations with people and, perhaps, you will feel healthier and happy person.

You do not smoke

a smoke Smell - the typical natural repellent causing feeling of alarm, concern. During hundreds of years for the person and his far ancestors the smell of a smoke was a distress signal, usually - wildfire. Hunters have a reception of scaring away of a wild animal: in the evening before going to bed to impregnate clothes with a fire smoke. The predator, as well as all animals, avoids this smell. That is why the smoker (under other equal conditions) is less attractive to the woman in comparison with non-smoking. And here the smoking woman is not only sad show, but also olfactory irritation even for the smoking man.

Be not nervous

the Overstrain, a nervous breakdown, nervousness, concern, the fear is forced a body to develop panic aromas . When the skunk feels danger, he lets out a stream of surprisingly unpleasant smell. The person - not a skunk, but also it in some measure arrives in this way - his body begins to excrete repellents strenuously.

Create favorable conditions for work and life

Distant moving, absence own corner (houses, apartments, rooms), adverse ecological conditions of accommodation - radiation, proximity of big plants, exhaust gases, furniture from a chipboard, synthetic clothes, synthetic detergents, paints (including printing), substandard food - canned food, smoked products, meat (especially, beef), the products containing artificial additives, pesticides, herbicides - all this worsens zapakhovy appeal of the person.

Eat properly

of People there is what he eats. The main requirements are rather simple: not to overeat; to give preference to a vegetarian power supply system; it is less boiled and, especially, fried - more crude (or dried); not to mix fat with sweet, and sweet with alcohol etc. The use of certain products can increase development of attraktant. For the man such products are: onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, vegetables and fruit of red and yellow color. For women all citrus, sweet fruit, vegetables of white and green color will be such products - cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, etc. of

Do gymnastics

the Inactive way of life, lack of continuous physical activities increase an organism zashlakovannost, and together with it - and development of repellents. Gymnastic activity (to easy exhaustion), especially daily, will teach to develop a body attraktant.

Avoid crowd

of the Mouse - one of the most adapted, universal living beings. As soon as they become too much, special physiological mechanisms turn on, the weight of adrenal glands increases, and it leads to decrease in fertility. The researcher of psychological laboratory of the Strasbourg university Philip Ropar tried to find out whether the smell plays a role in decrease in fertility of mice. Eight mice were placed in eight boxes, and air in them passed through the tube connected to a box in which there were 20 males. Eight control mice were in normal conditions. In a week all mice were destroyed. Opening showed that adrenal glands of the animals breathing aroma 20 males, were much more, than adrenal glands of control group of mice that indirectly demonstrates decrease in their fertility.

Thus as popular wisdom says, the more to the people, the it is less not only oxygen, but also charm and sexuality proceeds from everyone.

Use herbs

attraktant (usually the cost of such spirits is very high) enter Only the few perfumery products, the structure of other perfumery means joins various complexes of synthetic aromas. It is established that on synthetic, especially, when they also strong, smells the organism reacts a condition of tension and even a stress. It is more and more people, especially women, just do not take out synthetic perfumery means. Therefore specification natural in relation to zapakhovy means becomes more and more desired and speaks about high quality of a perfumery product.

What natural zapakhovy means are most available? Herbs. Doctor A. Andreenkov, our famous scientist - zapakhoved, makes such recommendations of use of herbs: Outwardly it is possible to apply juice of a fresh grass, infusion or tincture dyagilya, a yarrow, a lyubistka, a thyme. Sometimes - lavenders, an extraction of crusts of a lemon (essential oil is applied on a body).

outwardly can apply broth of bark of an oak, guelder-rose bark To sweating reduction, inside - tea with a sage grass (1 teaspoon on a glass of boiled water). Drink of the tea prepared from a root dyagilya, herbs a repeshka, a lady`s bedstraw tenacious " improves a body smell;

K told probably needs to add that before drinking such tea, it is necessary to learn whether these herbs are suitable for you. Herbs is medicine which can bring both advantage, and harm.

Hang up in a bedroom a yarrow bunch

I in conclusion, - several recommendations from our great-grandmothers. By the way, modern scientists confirm practical value and, main thing, effectiveness of these ancient recipes. So:

If a handkerchief to wipe sweat over an upper lip or armpits in advance and to give a scarf to use to a subject of the love, then it is possible thus to charm the person, having made itself desired. (Whether Iago knew this secret, abducting Desdemona`s scarf?)

Attention and even love can be called mixture with a jasmine scent for itself, lavenders, a rose and flowers of a lemon.

If feelings of the husband or the lover weakened, aromas of a violet, vanilla, wild strawberry and a lotus will help to wake them again.

Fidelity of darling can be provided, having sprinkled a bed, and also his and skin water with a smell of the apple blossom.

the Women dreaming of happy love have to avoid a perfume of lilac.

the yarrow Bunch suspended where - nibud in a bedroom will smooth all disagreements arising between spouses, and in combination with orange will make a dream of spouses sweet and cloudless.]